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BO For coca farmers in Bolivia's Las Yungas region, loss of president Evo Morales -- himself a one-time coca grower, and an indigenous rights champion -- is less worrying than the drop in price of their "holy leaf" crop by 📷 @MariaLorenteEst  @yodita16969 

Bolivian President Jeanine Añez is determined to stop ex-leader Evo Morales’s return, while guiding a scarred nation towards an election

Former Evo Morales'>Bolivian President Evo Morales has flown to Argentina, where the new center-left government said Thursday that it had granted him political asylum.

Argentina's new center-left government has quietly taken in Bolivia's exiled former president Evo Morales but banned him from campaigning from Argentinian soil. Read the rest with the link. #ArgusGas  

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Latest on Argentina's government, including arrival of Evo Morales


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I oppose the intervention of Bolivia's security forces in the democratic process and their repression of Indigenous protesters. When the military intervened and asked Evo Morales'>President Evo Morales to leave, in my view, that’s called a coup.

Breaking News: President Evo Morales of Bolivia has announced his resignation after the military called for him to step down in the face of huge protests set off by a disputed election.

I sat down today with Evo Morales'>Bolivian President Evo Morales in Mexico City for a wide-ranging interview about his removal, the U.S., Bolsonaro and Latin America. The video - in English, Portuguese and Spanish - will be on @theintercept  shortly:

Exactly 10 years ago, Evo Morales's negotiators went to a U.N. climate summit and called for a "Marshall Plan for Planet Earth" and "rights for Mother Earth." The idea was what is now being called a #GreenNewDeal . If we had listened then, the world might not be in flames.

Congratulations to @evoespueblo  on his re-election as Bolivia's President. Evo Morales and his movement have secured indigenous peoples' rights, halved extreme poverty and presided over impressive economic growth.

I am very concerned about what appears to be a coup in Bolivia, where the military, after weeks of political unrest, intervened to remove Evo Morales'>President Evo Morales. The U.S. must call for an end to violence and support Bolivia’s democratic institutions.

When they could not get rid of Lula or Evo Morales through the ballot box they used brute force to stop them from contesting elections. Then Bolsonaro types rose to power with an agenda of misanthropy & climate change enhancement. DiEM25 stands in solidarity with Lula and Evo.

Bolivia | Thousands of Evo Morales supporters are marching in the city of El Alto as they refuse to accept the president’s resignation amid the right-wing coup.

Evo Morales’ party, MAS, controls 2/3 of the legislature. The new self-declared ruler is promising to arrest those democratically elected lawmakers. US media utterly silent.

Bolivia's military, with the support of the US, has forced the country's President, Evo Morales, to resign. Now, on live TV, they announced that the President & Vice President of the Election Court have been imprisoned. They were led into the room by masked soldiers. Watch: