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"We saw no evidence whatsoever it was anyone involved in this other than the Russians" -DNI Clapper told us
Coordinator of study Spicer was apparently referencing: “There’s no evidence” for widespread voter fraud, whatsoever
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James Clapper: Others meddled in US election? “That’s news to me. We saw no evidence, whatsoever” that it was anyone other than Russia
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There is NO EVIDENCE whatsoever abt safety of GMOs. Not ONE risk study.
Nor does hiding stuff abt Glyphosate help much
Keep trying Monsanto!
Longtime Trump confidante Roger Stone: "I am aware of no evidence whatsoever of collusion"
House Intel committee's Schiff: Have "found no evidence whatsoever to support" Trump's "slanderous" wiretap claim
.@HvonSpakovsky: "There is no evidence that's been produced whatsoever yet of any violation of federal law."
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