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Eva Longoria looked amazing in her swimwear while playing with her adorable son!

Eva Longoria steps out with wet hair as she keeps it casual in a tight white tank top and brown midi skirt in LA

Eva Longoria thought like "a white man" to get the director role on #FlaminHot 

Eva Longoria Says She Landed Her Latest Director Job by Thinking Like a "White Man"

Eva Longoria "put on her male privilege pants" to land latest project

Eva Longoria reveals she 'put on her male privilege pants' to demand directorial role

Eva Longoria Says She Got Her Director Job By "Putting On Her Male Privilege Pants"

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Eva Longoria is very pregnant, so we played “Oops! My Water Broke” with DJ Pauly D! Obviously.

Congrats to Eva Longoria on being traded to the Giants.

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Join Eva Longoria and vote for candidates who respect and support Americans with disabilities. Vote:

Eva Longoria: "My father is not a criminal or a rapist. In fact, he is a United States veteran." #DemsInPhilly 

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Eva Longoria: "My family never crossed a border, the border crossed us" #DemsInPhilly 

My Brothers Will I AM and Chris Tucker and The gorgeous Eva Longoria together supporting College…

America Ferrera and Eva Longoria perfectly captured what it’s like to be a famous Latina

I think Eva Longoria is stalking me. Just caught her staring at me as I crouch inside her hedges.