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Bosnia, please come back to Eurovision, you were (mostly) good at it! #EurovisionAgain 

For Eurovision devotees out there, now that Eurovision 2020 is cancelled, several countries have opted to automatically select their 2020 local winners for Eurovision 2021, and SBS says that will apply to Montaigne. See here: @Eurovision 

No Glastonbury. No Eurovision. No Wimbledon. No Olympics. No Paralympics. No Edinburgh Fringe. A real challenge for broadcasters, with hundreds of hours of television and radio to now fill.

Sudden but insignificant lockdown realisation: Iceland’s entry to Eurovision this year (Think About Things) is about a literal baby.

Despite the coronavirus-induced cancellation of the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest, @actualmontaigne  will get her chance to represent Australia when the iconic event returns next year.

Montaigne named as Australia's Eurovision entrant for 2021

Montaigne To Rep Australia At Eurovision 2021 With One Big Change

BBC has announced special archive shows for Glasto and Eurovision. Wonder what their plans are now for the Olympics and Wimbledon?


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eurovision is basically an episode of glee where europe decides their political disagreements by having a karaoke contest

and with that swift but firm booty shake - australia were never invited back #Eurovision 

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if they wanted phil and i to host they could have just asked there's no need to hijack our style #Eurovision 

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they should model american democracy on eurovision and have each party candidate perform a song to decide who to vote for it'd be much nicer

the u.k is tired of flopping! its time to exploit europe's weakness.. SEND IN THE CUTE BOYS WITH BROWN HAIR AND A GUITAR #eurovision 

just tried to explain #Eurovision  to an american truck driver and he said 'that sounds kinda queer and terrible' yes yes it is #ComeTogether 

Ireland ! A friend of mine @ZoboOfficial  from mgar is in the running to represent Ireland at the Eurovision!

I'm knackered - but what a great night. #Eurovision 

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I don't normally endorse voting but please vote for me on #Eurovision  tonight. #Austria