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The real shame is the silence of European Union authorities while police brutality occurs with the EU. #CatalanReferendum
I'll do three: Promoting the breakup of the European Union, undermining NATO's Article V credibility, slowing renewable energy development.
UK: European Union Membership Referendum, Survation poll:


Scotland: 67%
London: 59%
Northern Ireland: 54%
Wales: 52%
England: 50%
Barnsley voted overwhelmingly to leave the European Union - now many feel little progress has been made.
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David Cameron has resigned as Prime Minister following the UK's decision to leave the European Union #EUref
President of Catalonia's government says the European Union cannot look away from human rights violations surrounding the referendum
The UK has left the European Union. This passage of text is perhaps most accurate as to why that makes me so sad.
The European Union Bill is a Tory power grab. That's why Labour is voting against it.
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