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Spain was wrong to block a Catalan candidate from taking his seat as a member of the European Parliament, says top EU lawyer

Advocate General recommends Article 9 of the EP protocol on parliamentary immunity must be interpreted as meaning that it falls to the European Parliament to decide whether it is appropriate to waive or defend the immunity of one of its Members

Breaking: ECJ advocate general says it shd be up to the European Parliament to decide whether jailed Catalan independence leader Oriol Junqueras, elected an MEP in May, has parliamentary immunity - ie, it shd not be dependent on him taking an oath to the Spanish Constitution

Spain doesn’t have the authority to decide whether a jailed Catalan member of the European Parliament can take his seat in the assembly, according to an adviser to the EU’s top court

@EU_Justice  @EURightsAgencyThe  Charter is addressed to the EU, and to national authorities when implementing EU law. Each year we publish a review of how it’s applied, based on EU actions, letters from the public, and questions from the European Parliament. #ThisIsTheEUMore  →

The recent European Parliament election generated few new ideas for tackling income #inequality . But four decades of data from Europe and the US point to possible remedies, say Thomas Blanchet, @ChancelLucas , and @amorygethinof  @wid_inequality 


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"You confirm to us every day it was right to leave." Brexit Party MEP Belinda De Lucy accuses the European Parliament of "immoral" behaviour for trying to prevent a no-deal Brexit.

On the day parliament was supposed to vote on her deal to leave the EU, here Theresa May gives her reasons for remaining in the European Union shortly before the 2016 referendum.

Breaking News: The European Parliament is to investigate Nigel Farage over Arron Banks expenses paid to him whilst he was a serving MEP, and never declared. This following our Channel 4 News investigation aired last week.

In less than a month, the European Parliament will not only decide on a new #copyright  law, but also on the future of the free and open #internet : If you are from the European Union, get active now, go to and ask your representative to #SaveYourInternet 

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Update: The European Parliament has now voted on the EU Copyright Directive. Thanks to all the creators who spoke up about how #Article13  will impact them and their communities. Here's our statement on today's vote ⬇️

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Overheard in the European Parliament: Women "must earn less than men because..."

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An argument erupted in European Parliament when a lawmaker made sexist remarks during a debate about equal pay

No, I think you’re funny. Funny how you pretend to care about the industry yet during the three years that you were a member of the European Parliament Fisheries Committee, you attended one out of 42 meetings. #hakenews