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UK has “high standards of regulation and behaviour” etc So, EU, I would expect if it is serious, will quickly drop the silly clause 91 in the European Commission on “application of Union law” on state aid

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Facebook will brace itself for the inevitable: more regulation, taxes and further antitrust scrutiny from the European Commission

Two European Commission departments are at war over how much action is needed to make the EU's farming system more environmentally friendly

Europe launches review of giant #MifidII  trading rulebook — European Commission has seen a number of its initiatives aimed at making markets more transparent struggle to take hold over the last two years + @SamuelAgini  @sahloul81 

Today’s Trade Secrets: the European Commission has a cunning plan to avoid the EU member state parliaments from sabotaging any trade deal it strikes with the U.K. Will it work? We’ve got the rest of the year to find out. Me:

Ryanair : European Commission to Broaden Ryanair Spanish State Aid Investigation #Ryanair  #Stock  #MarketScreener 

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NEXT WEEK: what are the prospects of the new European Commission in an age of uncertainty about the future of the European Union? @LSEIRDept  is hosting @EnricoLetta . #LSEEU 

The European Commission has kicked off a review of its giant rulebook for trading financial products, after a number of its key principles struggled to take hold over the past two years

@BastidonPauline  @AnnaJerzewskaM  @vivamjmy  @StefaanDeRynck  @andyblatch64u  @LeftPeggersn  @Lady_stormriderderstanding  is these discussions have not yet taken place between the EU and UK. Nor has the European Commission got into this level of detail with member states

Google is appealing a 2.4 billion euro fine from 2017 that was the first in a series of major penalties from the European Commission, the EU's powerful anti-trust regulator.


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This morning in Davos, President@realDonaldTrump  met with the President of the European Commission on trade.

?? Ursula von der Leyen, President-elect of the European Commission.

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? LIVE: watch as Parliament debates Ursula von der Leyen’s nomination for president of the European Commission

Breaking: EU member states have been told by the European Commission Task Force that the UK under Boris Johnson is rengeging on its commitments to protect the all-Ireland economy and meaningful North-South cooperation, as enshinred in the Joint Report of December 2017 1/

Brian Toll, ex-Director of European Commission, in Geneva: Article 370, for India, is about actually giving economic opportunities to the people in Kashmir, according to the govt & let's hope that it works. As far as it affects Gilgit-Baltistan, it is technically a part of India.

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"Britain triggered Article 50 without having a clue what we wanted or how we were going to get it. The European Commission, by contrast, knew exactly what it was doing the diplomats in Brussels are masters of negotiation."

European Commission needs to bring Article 7 proceedings vs Madrid now. Spain now makes Joe Arpaio’s Arizona look liberal...

New: EU is preparing to impose tariffs on Harley-Davidson motorbikes, bourbon whiskey & Levi's jeans in retaliation for Trump’s planned tariffs on steel and aluminium imports -European Commission