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Liverpool’s record after 22 games is the best ever in Europe’s top five leagues 🔥

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🔥2️⃣1️⃣-1️⃣-0️⃣🔥 🔴 Liverpool now own the best record in Europe's top five leagues after 22 matches, surpassing 2017/18 Manchester City & 2013/14 Bayern Munich, who were both 20-2-0 🔝 (📊: @GracenoteLive )

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Hundreds of people attended the commemoration at Budapest’s Dohany Street Synagogue, the largest in Europe, including Holocaust survivors, diplomats and politicians.

"They're going to have to accept the repurcussions next season, but now they know they're down their only hope is to win a trophy in Europe." @BrianODriscoll  doesn't see the Saracens squad changing drastically this season - can they go all the way? #HeinekenChampionsCup 

On Libya UAE: We’ll send drones and jets Russia: We’ll send Wagner mercenaries Turkey: We’ll send troops and Syrian fighters Europe: We’ll set up a committee US: Wait, this has nothing to do with Iran...outta here

The European Green Deal will mobilize $1.1 trillion over the next decade to make Europe the first continent to eliminate greenhouse-gas emissions

We've debated whether or not the next Silicon Valley will be located in China. But what about Europe?

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We have all the action from the historic men's downhill, raced on the infamous Lauberhorn track, and highlights of the Laax Open - Europe's biggest snowboarding contest. Watch Ski Sunday on @BBCTwo  and the @BBCSport  website now ➡

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The so-called “SupremeLeader” of Iran, who has not been so Supreme lately, had some nasty things to say about the United States and Europe. Their economy is crashing, and their people are suffering. He should be very careful with his words!

As I have stated strongly before, and just to reiterate, if Turkey does anything that I, in my great and unmatched wisdom, consider to be off limits, I will totally destroy and obliterate the Economy of Turkey (I’ve done before!). They must, with Europe and others, watch over...

There are now 77 major or significant Walls built around the world, with 45 countries planning or building Walls. Over 800 miles of Walls have been built in Europe since only 2015. They have all been recognized as close to 100% successful. Stop the crime at our Southern Border!

Europe you have been absolutely amazing to us! I'm sure we will see u all very soon! Thank you for making my dreams come through !

Adding Europe and America to the tour next year!! Going to countries and cities we have never toured before, really excited!

Guysssss we are announcing something on the 19th for UK & Europe. Watch this space!!!!

Looking forward to going to places in the states and Europe that we've never been before