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Results for Ethiopia


Barack Obama
michelle and i send our deepest sympathies to all who knew the victims of todays plane crash in ethiopia
Michelle and I send our deepest sympathies to all who knew the victims of today’s plane crash in Ethiopia.
The Associated Press
breaking president trump says us issuing emergency order grounding all boeing 737 max 8 and max 9 aircraft aft
BREAKING: President Trump says U.S. issuing "emergency order" grounding all Boeing 737 Max 8 and Max 9 aircraft after Ethiopia crash
The Int'l Spectator
say religion is very important in their lives 2018 ethiopia 98 indonesia 93 nigeria 88 india 80 egypt 72 brazi
Say religion is very important in their lives, 2018.

Ethiopia: 98%
Indonesia: 93%
Nigeria: 88%
India: 80%
Egypt: 72%
Brazil: 72%
Turkey: 68%
Greece: 56%
US: 53%
Mexico: 45%
Canada: 27%
Spain: 22%
Australia: 18%
Russia: 16%
France: 11%
Japan: 10%
UK: 10%
China: 3%

The Int'l Spectator
share of population living at below 55 a day nigeria 921 india 868 ethiopia 847 bangladesh 845 pakistan 795 in
Share of population living at below $5.5 a day.

Nigeria: 92.1%
India: 86.8%
Ethiopia: 84.7%
Bangladesh: 84.5%
Pakistan: 79.5%
Indonesia: 62.3%
Egypt: 61.9%
South Africa: 57.1%
Vietnam: 35.4%
Mexico: 34.8%
China: 31.5%

(World Bank)

Longer list:
The Int'l Spectator
worst performing currencies against us dollar over past year venezuela 2500000 argentina 104 turkey 96 brazil
Worst performing currencies against US Dollar over past year.

Venezuela: -2,500,000%
Argentina: -104%
Turkey: -96%
Brazil: -30%
Iran: -30%
Ethiopia: -18%
Russia: -17%
Pakistan: -16%
Sweden: -15%
Myanmar: -13%
South Africa: -13%
India: -11%
Uruguay: -11%
Nepal: -11%
Ukraine: -10%
Pattie Mallette
this year i m donating my birthday to raise 10k to build a fresh water well in ethiopia help make my wish come
This year I'm donating my birthday to raise $10K to build a fresh water well in Ethiopia. Help make my wish come true
Howard University
congratulations to prince yoel of ethiopiathe great grandson of haile selassie the last emperor of ethiopiawho
Congratulations to Prince Yoel of Ethiopia—the great-grandson of Haile Selassie, the last emperor of Ethiopia—who has a law degree from Howard University and his new wife Ariana. 💍👑
@ajplus 8 months
eritrea and ethiopia started direct flights for the first time in 20 years after officially ending a decades o
Eritrea and Ethiopia started direct flights for the first time in 20 years, after officially ending a decades-old border war that killed 80,000 people. Some of the families separated by the conflict are being reunited for the first time in years:
World Bank
half of the world s poor live in these 5 countries india nigeria democratic republic of congo ethiopia banglad
Half of the world's poor live in these 5 countries:

🇮🇳 India
🇳🇬 Nigeria
🇨🇩 Democratic Republic of Congo
🇪🇹 Ethiopia
🇧🇩 Bangladesh #CountPovertyOut #EndPoverty
Gov. Mike Huckabee
2nite my cab driver in houston legally immigrated from ethiopia 10 yrs ago he was thrilled i was in his cab he
2nite my cab driver in Houston legally immigrated from Ethiopia 10 yrs ago; he was thrilled I was in HIS cab-he watches my @TBN show every week. Delightful man who loves and appreciates USA. I was blessed to be with him. He worked hard to get here-he doesn't like ppl cheating.
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