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This is the most ethically-challenged White House in history:
-No visitor logs
-No tax returns
-No blind trust
-No respect for ethics laws
More broken promises. @POTUS said he'd drain the swamp but granted 17 ethics waivers in only 132 days. Obama issued that number in 8 years.
The fight with Streep is the controversy the Trump admin wants. The absent ethics documents of its nominees is the controversy they don’t.
.@Chris_Broussard that's is the dumbest shit Ive ever heard. If you had any ethics u would msg me and I will give u his address
Another great point made on @TheLastWord: the head of the gov't ethics office resigned today because he believes the president is profiting
A planned speech by Neil Gorsuch at a Trump hotel has prompted ethics questions from legal experts
If you think Chris Christie can lecture anyone on ethics, we have a bridge to sell you. #RNCinCLE
Trump ethics watchdog moves to allow anonymous gifts to legal defense funds
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