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Hmmm... Blackwater founder Erik Prince secretly met Venezuela vice-president | Venezuela | The Guardian

Erik Prince, the founder of private security firm Blackwater, held secret talks in Caracas last month with Venezuela’s vice president

Blackwater founder Erik Prince ‘held secret talks’ with top Maduro ally in Venezuela

Erik Prince, a major Trump donor and the founder of controversial security firm formerly known as Blackwater, traveled to Caracas last month for a secret meeting with Venezuela’s vice president.

Blackwater founder Erik Prince held secret talks with top Venezuelan official: sources

Blackwater founder Erik Prince held secret talks with top Venezuelan official: sources

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The reputation management firm Status Labs helped Betsy DeVos suppress Google searches connecting her to her brother, Blackwater founder Erik Prince, when she became education secretary. Great @WSJ  look at how the 1% scrubs it’s image online.

Thanks to memos and emails released from the Mueller probe this weekend, we now have confirmation that Erik Prince was advising the Trump campaign on the eve of the presidential debates. That's not what he told me on a certain episode of Head to Head:

I asked Blackwater founder Erik Prince about calling Iraqis "barbarians" and about the murder & manslaughter that happened on his watch in Iraq. You should really listen to his replies. (Watch the whole with him this Friday on )

So if you enjoyed the earlier Erik Prince clip, here's the latest 1 - me asking him why he didn't mention his secret Trump Tower meeting while under oath to Congress. His reply... :-) I wrote why it's a big deal here:

If you're following the Erik Prince controversy, you'll enjoy a new highlight clip from my interview with him, in which I ask why he's building 'training facilities' in Xinjiang, where a million Uighur Muslims are in camps, and he tries & fails to deny it:

Astounding claims from Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater on Clinton & NYPD

Mattis shoots down the Erik Prince contractor plan for Afghanistan: “When Americans put their country’s reputation on the line, privatizing it is probably not a good idea.”

Here’s my full Erik Prince interview at the Oxford Union folks, which I see is trending on Twitter tonight :-) “Blackwater's Erik Prince: Iraq, privatising wars, and Trump” Head to Head via

Erik Prince has a LOT of explaining to do to the House Intelligence Committee. Left: Prince’s sworn Nov. 30 testimony sharply downplaying his connection to the Trump campaign. Right: Prince facilitating high level meetings for the campaign with foreign officials, per NYT

We'll need to interview George Nader & receive further testimony and documents from Erik Prince. Prince’s testimony is inconsistent with reports that the Seychelles meeting was part of an effort to set up a backchannel to Russia. It'd be negligent of us not to find out the truth.