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Conservative pundit Erick Erickson predicts an electoral disaster for the GOP in 2018.
you have to love the irony of erick erickson disinviting Trump when Erickson has said the worst things about women - never dull, huh?
Erick Erickson: Roy Moore's win is Mitch McConnell's (not Donald Trump's) loss
David Gregory plugging an Erick Erickson column in the NYT is such a perfect counterfeit of actual journalism it should hang in the Louvre.
Prominent sexist Erick Erickson says Donald Trump’s sexism has no place in the GOP
Erick Erickson: I oppose both the alt-left and the alt-right. But only one was marching in Charlottesville.
How Erick Erickson talks about women who are not Megyn Kelly:
Let’s get violently homophobic pundit Erick Erickson banned from cable news via @PalmerReport
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