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With no national distribution plan, “smaller hospitals, nursing homes and physicians are being left behind, especially those who lack relationships with suppliers, ties to wealthy donors or the money to buy scarce equipment when prices are skyrocketing.”

PM announces $2B program to acquire personal protective equipment and needed medical equipment. Includes ventilators, test kits, swabs, masks, gowns. About 3,000 companies involved in the program. Bulk purchasing plan is being co-ordinated with provinces and territories.

A high-ranking federal official in February warned that the U.S. needed to plan for not having enough personal protective equipment for medical workers as they began to battle the COVID-19, according to internal emails obtained by Kaiser Health News

Is there COVID-19 Plan B? Government invests $2-billion to boost medical equipment supply; Questions about faulty testing equipment coming to Canada from China. @Dantheeditor  joins us for these top #CDNpoli  stories on Today in Politics: #CPACpoli 

ESSENTIAL WORKERS: Whole Foods workers plan to call in sick across the country as they demand higher pay and more protective equipment.

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Crush your #stayhome  fitness goals with a personalized plan & someone to hold you accountable. #Workout  with a coach right in your own home. Equipment not necessary 💪 Learn more or contact our coaching team: #homeworkout 

We need the President to lead, not spend his press conferences blaming other people & going after governors. We need him to plan ahead & get equipment for people in hospitals. This is a global pandemic & this is a time when we need leaders the most.

Housing and communities secretary Robert Jenrick says the Government has "a clear plan to ensure those serving our country have the right protective equipment"

Thousands of Instacart employees plan to strike Monday, arguing that they deserve extra pay and personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves during the coronavirus pandemic.

The groups will deal with matters concerning medical emergency management plan, availability of hospitals, testing and quarantine facilities, availability of medical equipment, among others.


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I have a plan to bail out the casinos and cruise lines: Step one: Give all that money to hospitals and doctors instead while on-shoring the medical equipment supply chain. That's it.

Here's a plan to save America: 1. Provide the testing and equipment needed to combat the pandemic. Immediately. Use full powers of the federal gov't to achieve this. 2. Create an economic plan that helps people--no cost for testing, no cost for care, safety net for lost work.

NINE days ago @OregonGovBrown  wrote to @VP  urgently requesting masks, gowns, gloves & other equipment to contain coronavirus. Not only has Oregon received none of that equipment, they haven't even gotten a response. No plan, no urgency, no leadership.

Senator: not enough respirators, no airport fever check equipment, not capable of large scale rapid testing - reality Australia wasn't prepared, if there was a plan it wasn't followed #QandA 

Is there is a comprehensive federal plan for Coronavirus? “The center..has isolation hospital rooms..but they are mostly just props, with fake equipment and light switches that exist only as paint on walls.”

It’s troubling that other countries plan on deploying 5G using untrustworthy equipment that could give Beijing leverage. This is why I helped introduce the bipartisan Network Security Trade Act to ensure network security remains a top priority in our trade negotiations.

National Security Threat. @morganwright_us  details a one-year plan America should have used to remove all Huawei equipment. #MAGA  #AmericaFirst  #Dobbs 

@realDonaldTrump ’s plan to accelerate the delivery of military equipment to Saudi Arabia & UAE, and to deploy additional U.S. forces to the region is the latest outrageous attempt by the Trump Admin to circumvent the bipartisan will of Congress.

Pentagon officials say Trump has asked them to plan a massive parade that shows off US military strength and equipment.