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Dispatches investigates the friendship between Prince Andrew and paedophile Epstein'>Jeffrey Epstein, as the Prince stands accused of sleeping with a 17-year-old girl supplied by the investor.

Jeffrey Epstein’s modeling agent friend Jean-Luc Brunel accused of sexual harassment

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Epstein'>Jeffrey Epstein wanted to live forever. He specifically wanted his penis and brain to live forever. These men wanted to be gods. If anything, they succeeded in becoming whatever the opposite of that is.

@StreetSignsCNBC  @SquawkStreetC  @SquawkCNBCN  @MelissaLeeCNBCB  @carlquintanillaC  @HalftimeReport : @CNBCFastMoney  @CNBCTopStoriesTo  @PowerLunchd  @michaelsantolia  @davidfabery  we are honored to finally have on billionaire money manager, and I hear quite a hit with the ladies, Jeff Epstein. Jeff, thanks so much for coming on. JE: My pleasure CNBC: First, let's address the elephant in the room. Are you bullish? JE: I am. CNBC: Good stuff.

When prosecutors treat victims as evidence or, even worse, lie to them & charge ahead with an unjust plea deal, as happened in the Epstein case, victims are victimized all over again. My bill would ensure the courts & DOJ follow through on CVRA promises.

She was one of Jeffrey Epstein's victims. Now, her name is on a crime bill in Congress@jknipebrown  / Miami Herald)

One of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims now has her name on a crime bill in Congress

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From what we know: 1. Epstein was taken off suicide watch 2. His cell mate was moved the day before 3. Both guards fell asleep 4. The camera malfunctioned. This scenario is, literally, unbelievable. Therefore I do not believe it. Something else happened here

How an elite university research center concealed its relationship with a sex offender—documents show MIT Media Lab accepted donations directed by Epstein'>Jeffrey Epstein far in excess of what the university has admitted to, and worked to cover it up:

If you believe you are a victim of Epstein'>Jeffrey Epstein, or have information about the conduct alleged in the Indictment unsealed today, please call 1-800-CALL FBI

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That Epstein'>Jeffrey Epstein was allowed to take the coward’s way out & deny justice to his victims is a DISGRACE. Pedophiles deserve the Ninth Circle of Hell, but not before a full accounting. Everyone complicit should be held responsible. How the hell did fed prison let this happen?

Authorities couldn’t keep Epstein alive by putting him under 24 hour surveillance? How convenient for a lot of rich and powerful men.

Long before #MeToo  became the catalyst for a women's movement about sexual assault — and a decade before the fall of Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby and U.S. Olympic gymnastic doctor Larry Nassar — there was Epstein'>Jeffrey Edward Epstein. #PerversionofJustice 

I don’t think #JussieSmollett  got black privilege. He got the same privilege that Epstein'>Jeffrey Epstein got, and Clapper, and the Clintons. It’s progressive privilege. It has to stop!

@LaborSec  must step down. As US Attorney, he engaged in an unconscionable agreement w/ Epstein'>Jeffrey Epstein kept secret from courageous, young victims preventing them from seeking justice. This was known by when @POTUSe  appointed him to the cabinet. #AcostaResign 

BREAKING / NBC News: Former Palm Beach State Attorney Barry Krischer says in a statement that Alex Acosta is "completely wrong." He says a 53 page federal indictment "was abandoned after secret negotiations between Mr. Epstein’s lawyers and Mr. Acosta. " (h/t @MikeDelMoro  )

One of the ugly facts laid bare in the Epstein plea deal is that many powerful people feel zero shame helping a billionaire who has molested girls as young as 14. Zero consequences. Crimes against kids happen not only because of the criminals but their support networks.