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Looks like the First Lady of Japan pretended not to speak English for nearly 2 hrs to avoid talking to Trump
BREAKING NEWS The 2017 #NobelPrize in Literature is awarded to the English author Kazuo Ishiguro
Looking forward to some English food !
Who is the greatest English central midfielder to grace the Premier League? 🤔

RT – Paul Scholes
❤ – Steven Gerrard
Massive well done to @vardy7 for breaking the record ! Great to see an English lad doing so well !
Always a sad one when another great English football stadium closes down. As a lover of football and the atmosphere that comes with it
WATCH: Fifth grade English teacher in NC has an elaborate, personalized handshake with every one of his students:
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Julian Edelman's English teacher sent him a letter apologizing for doubting him.
I didn't speak English when I came to Hawaii. I learned in our public schools & am fighting for every family to have the same opportunity.
"Man don't make me look like I don't know English" 😂😂 when Big Shaq joined @CharlieSloth to talk about his record deal

cc: @MichaelDapaah
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