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Sorry to forget to say my words in English !!! The glory is all yours. Only you guys deserve this. Thank you so much for all the love. You make me love myself everyday. truly. #aRMy
Hi, I am just learning that Pikachu speaks English in the new Pokemon movie and, yes, it is extremely fucking weird
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Lay Zhang's many talents — which include the ability to speak Chinese, English and Korean, and years of artistry as the main dancer for @weareoneEXO — add up a unique combination to raise awareness for GRAMMY Festival China, coming up on April 30:
Looks like the First Lady of Japan pretended not to speak English for nearly 2 hrs to avoid talking to Trump
You've asked, we listened and we're extremely excited to finally announce that Shenmue I & II are coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC in one package! Both games will feature Japanese and English voice overs, the choice of classic or modern controls and more! #ShenmueSaved
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In 2010, Pep Guardiola won the Spanish league title, & Spain won the World Cup.

In 2014, he won the German league title, and Germany won the WC.

In 2018, he's won the English league title, and that's why you should wait for a decent sample size before spouting meaningless stats
I accidentally threw up my healthy dinner so I replaced it with a pot pie, two English muffins with butter and jam and a chocolate ice cream bar and now I feel amazing
Looking forward to some English food !
Massive well done to @vardy7 for breaking the record ! Great to see an English lad doing so well !
A Spanish woman was dragged around a tube carriage by her hair, when two women told her to "speak English when in England".

We don't have CCTV at the moment but we need your help tracing those responsible - so please share.
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