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Hi, I am just learning that Pikachu speaks English in the new Pokemon movie and, yes, it is extremely fucking weird
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Looks like the First Lady of Japan pretended not to speak English for nearly 2 hrs to avoid talking to Trump

14 = The most league wins in a row by ANY team in an English top-flight season.

Looking forward to some English food !
Massive well done to @vardy7 for breaking the record ! Great to see an English lad doing so well !
BREAKING NEWS The 2017 #NobelPrize in Literature is awarded to the English author Kazuo Ishiguro
The process for succession laid out in Dodd Frank is clear: Leandra English, not Mick Mulvaney, is the acting dir of @CFPB. By attempting to install Mr. Mulvaney as director, the Trump admin is ignoring the established, legal order of succession that we purposefully put in place.
.@BTS_twt spill details on their upcoming world tour! Plus, do they plan to ever record music in English?
Who is the greatest English central midfielder to grace the Premier League? 🤔

RT – Paul Scholes
❤ – Steven Gerrard
Liverpool have now scored 22 goals in the group stage of the Champions League, beating the English club record of 21 previously held by Manchester United.
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