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Bill Nye
@BillNye 2 years
today we re at the marchforscience promoting the progress of science and the useful arts of engineering
Today, we're at the #MarchForScience promoting the progress of science and the useful arts of engineering.
Elon Musk
@elonmusk 4 months
engineering is true magic
Engineering is true magic
more two word horror stories eye contact lunch meeting surprise party planned engineering sing along conferenc
More two-word horror stories:

Eye contact
Lunch meeting
Surprise party
Planned engineering
Sing along
Conference call
Signal failure
They’re here
Team building
Low carb
Record highs
Unexpected item
You busy?
Quick word
Friend request
Leg day
Your parcel
Tax return
Happy birthday
Subramanian Swamy
the sikhs and mahrattas finished off the muslim invaders by 1795 then the sadhus and sanyasis emaciated the br
The Sikhs and Mahrattas finished off the Muslim invaders by 1795. Then the Sadhus and sanyasis emaciated the British and Subhash Bose made them flee India. Gandhi gave them safe passage despite the British engineering a 5 million rice deprivation genocide
Virender Sehwag
beautiful this is an engineering graduate hisamuddin khan who s father is a rickshaw puller back from convocat
This is an engineering graduate , Hisamuddin Khan who's father is a rickshaw puller. Back from convocation he drives his parents home 🙏🏼
Elon Musk
@elonmusk 2 months
at spacex texas with engineering team getting ready to fire new raptor rocket engine
At @SpaceX Texas with engineering team getting ready to fire new Raptor rocket engine
Bobak Ferdowsi
i give up weve reach peak engineering
I give up, we’ve reach peak engineering:
@CNN 2 years
my dreams are basically ruined this syrian teen was headed to mit to get an engineering degree then came the b
"My dreams are basically ruined": This Syrian teen was headed to MIT to get an engineering degree. Then came the ban
Michiko Kakutani
american dream dad of gold medal winning snowboarder chloe kim came to la from sokorea in 1982 w 800 got job a
American Dream: Dad of gold medal winning snowboarder Chloe Kim came to LA from So.Korea in 1982 w $800. Got job as a dishwasher at fast-food franchise, saved money, got an engineering degree. Drove Chloe 5 hours on wkends 2 mountains so she could practice
Elon Musk
russia has excellent rocket engineering amp best engine currently flying reusable version of their new angara
Russia has excellent rocket engineering & best engine currently flying. Reusable version of their new Angara rocket would be great.
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