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An emotional Andy Murray had to walk off before coming back to announce he's planning to retire because of his hip injury.
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The start to Andy Murray's press conference was very emotional 😢
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An emotional Andy Murray says he will play #AusOpen and hopes to play the final tournament of his career at @Wimbledon.

"Not feeling good. Been struggling for a long time...I'm not sure I can play through the pain for another four or five months."
Extraordinarily emotional scenes as @andy_murray prepares to serve for possibly the final time.
Hindered by a hip injury, British tennis great Andy Murray announced that he plans to retire at Wimbledon -- at the latest -- in an emotional press conference ahead of the Australian Open
The emotional moment Andy Murray announced he'll be forced to retire this year because of problems with his hip. 🎾
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The crowd stop to applaud an emotional Andy Murray.

This could he his last service game in professional tennis.

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#AusOpen #bbctennis
⚡️ An emotional Andy Murray has announced his retirement plans... and tennis fans have been quick to pay tribute to him.
A raw and emotional first press conference at this #AusOpen, with Andy Murray accepting his tennis mortality and saying that Wimbledon this year, at the latest, will be his "end point."
ICYMI: Andy Murray announced overnight that he plans to retire after this year's Wimbledon but admits the Australian Open could end up being the final tournament of his career,

Recap of Murray announcement at an emotional Melbourne press conference:
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