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This #Juneteenth, we celebrate emancipation and remember those who have fought for freedom. We must continue their work.
Here we go. The party of slavery & racism blames the party of emancipation & anti-racism for being racist
Faith groups at Emancipation park singing "this little light of mine." White supremacists chanting 'blood and soil'.
Imagine the chutzpah of trying to blame bigotry on the party of emancipation, equal rights & opposition to segregation & racial terrorism
Abolitionist William Parker escaped slavery and fought for emancipation in the years leading up to the Civil War. He wrote about that experience for The Atlantic in 1866: #ArchivesBlackHistory
Even after the Emancipation Proclamation, Democrats were pushing for a restoration of slavery--THIS is the legacy they're trying to cover up
That blue belt you see swooping down and across the Alabama election map is the Black Prairie Belt. Fertile soil in the belt brought cotton plantations. The plantations brought slaves. The descendents of those slaves who stayed after emancipation are why the belt is blue.
#OTD in 1862, the 1st Watch Night Services, known as Freedom’s Eve, were celebrated in African American churches across the nation—waiting for word that those enslaved in Confederate states—were freed by the Emancipation Proclamation. More: #ANationsStory
We pay tribute to Ashfaqulla Khan, one of the greatest martyrs who laid down his life for the emancipation of the country.
"Emancipation of a real nigga"
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