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See behind-the-scenes moments from Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden's 2020 campaign events across the nation with CNN's new video series, "On the Road."

Elizabeth Warren is calling on Rick Perry to leave the board of Energy Transfer, a company he oversaw as Secretary of Energy before stepping down last year

Elizabeth Warren gives defiant response to anyone who thinks women can't win elections

Who benefited most from the fight between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders?

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders both want a wealth tax. But the richest Americans have plenty of ways to escape paying, writes columnist @SteveChapman13 .

"If voting with my heart: Elizabeth Warren. If voting with my head: Joe Biden." 19K readers told us who they'd endorse in the 2020 Democratic race. Who won your heart and mind? 

“I think you called me a liar on national TV," Elizabeth Warren said to Bernie Sanders after this week's debate, according to audio released by CNN.

CATS Roundtable Jan 19th 9:00AM ► - Elizabeth Warren: P @DavidBahnsenesidency  Would Destroy Middle Class and the American DreamLeader John Flanagan - Albany's problems: $6 billion budget deficit and dangerous criminal justice reform

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Bernie Sander’s volunteers are trashing Elizabeth “Pocahontus” Warren. Everybody knows her campaign is dead and want her potential voters. Mini Mike B is also trying, but getting tiny crowds which are all leaving fast. Elizabeth is very angry at Bernie. Do I see a feud brewing?

Today Elizabeth Warren, sometimes referred to by me as Pocahontas, joined the race for President. Will she run as our first Native American presidential candidate, or has she decided that after 32 years, this is not playing so well anymore? See you on the campaign TRAIL, Liz!

Thank you to the Cherokee Nation for revealing that Elizabeth Warren, sometimes referred to as Pocahontas, is a complete and total Fraud!

“Meanwhile, the Dayton, Ohio, shooter had a history of supporting political figures like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and ANTIFA.” @OANN  I hope other news outlets will report this as opposed to Fake News. Thank you!

I think that Crooked Hillary Clinton should enter the race to try and steal it away from Elizabeth Warren'>Uber Left Elizabeth Warren. Only one condition. The Crooked one must explain all of her high crimes and misdemeanors including how & why she deleted 33,000 Emails AFTER getting “C” Subpoena!

Difference between Mike Bloomberg and Elizabeth Warren/Bernie Sanders is that Bloomberg is trying to buy the election with his money and Warren/Sanders are trying to buy it with yours.

I guess the magazine, “Christianity Today,” is looking for Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, or those of the socialist/communist bent, to guard their religion. How about Sleepy Joe? The fact is, no President has ever done what I have done for Evangelicals, or religion itself!

Astonishing. @BillGates , the great philanthropist of our age, is so attached to his own wealth that he refuses to rule out voting to re-elect a white nationalist demagogue over Elizabeth Warren.

Can someone explain to me why Elizabeth Warren’s claim to Native American heritage warrants continued, obsessive coverage by the political media but the fact that at least 12 women accused Trump of sexual assault was forgotten as soon as he was elected?