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This schmozzle of the three leaders all giving their victory/concessions speeches at the time sums up this election campaign. #Elexn43 

If these numbers hold, the Greens may not be needed to support a minority government. Libs-NDP have the numbers to make it work. #Elexn43 

Alright. Off to bed. Talk to you @TheCurrentCBC  in the morning when all should be known? #Elexn43 

My position for #Elexn43  night. I honestly love being in the field and I love elections. So 😃

Why your vote is a terrible thing to waste. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Online now: #cdnpoli  #Elexn43 

Good morning! It’s here, #Elexn43 . I woke up early and was treated to this beautiful sunrise.

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On @GlobalBC  at 6: @theJagmeetSingh  is riding high after polls make it clear he won the leaders' English debate handily. #Elexn43 

Singh says Trudeau and Scheer are demonstrating who is "worse" for Canada. Time to focus on who's best, he says. #Elexn43 

May tells Scheer that his plan to cut foreign aid "may be the worst idea in your entire non-platform." Nice. #Elexn43  #CanadaDebates2019 

So the NDP issued a news release saying Singh won the debate and quoted journalists heaping praise on him. The Conservatives’ news release proclaimed victory but offered NO outside comment. The Greens? Silent so far. @Elexn43 

Gun lobby group takes their concerns with Liberal gun control promises on the road #elexn43  #cdnpoli 

Trudeau sets new land and ocean protection targets for 2025 #elexn43  #cdnpoli