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Indonesia to electrify 433 remote eastern villages #jakpost 

As it stumbles through the coronavirus pandemic, Caltrain still has ambitious plans to electrify and nearly double the size of its fleet by 2022. All the agency needs is money. @rachelswan  reports:

Listen U are the perfect dance partner just B yourself Write what U please I'll just jump n with words that electrify We mesh & compliment each other We got Mental Telepathy this is going to be fun painting the twitter skies with Spontaneous Collaborations in an array of colors.

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@WeEntweet  @DaimlerW  @stephensackure  @BBCHARDtalk  electrify the whole portfolio already. By 2022 Mercedes will offer 10 different EVs but 2025 all Mercedes-Benz models will be electrified

Scientists electrify#aluminum  to speed up important process @OhioState  @J_A_C_S 

It is populist meme to say just shut in oil. And then what? How do we electrify millions of cars and over what time frame? One good social justice policy is electrifying bus fleets and then make them free as low income workers often use buses

NEWS: The @SuzukiCarsUK  Swift Sport has gone hybrid! Will it electrify the warm hatch segment?...>>

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#IndianRailways to electrify all broad gauge routes by December 2023, bets on renewable energy; details

Beyond pipelines: The nation-building project that could electrifyCanada@GlobeDebate 

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Beyond pipelines: The nation-building project that could electrifyCanada

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Good luck to my @WWE  family for the 1st episode of #SmackDown  on @FOXTV . I’ve learned a lot about family here at #Fast9  and while I’ll be enjoying from afar, I’m glad #FastAndFurious  family icon @TheRock  gets to FINALLY return home to electrify!

Mic 🎤 in hand - you already know. Ready to electrify⚡️⚡️the Super Bowl THIS SUNDAY on @FOXSports !! Prepare yourselves because this is gonna be EPIC 🔥🔥🔥 Here come the champions.... #SBLIV 

Need to electrify that bad boy like a bug zapper.....

Our aim is: Complete financial inclusion. Housing for all. Proper sanitation coverage for everyone. Electrify each and every household. Top quality infrastructure. Focus on the development of the Northeast, which was ignored by believers of ‘Family First’ agenda.

Under the decisive leadership of PM India has finally been able to electrify all its villages before the set target date. With the elimination of darkness from the lives of fellow Indian villagers, we commit ourselves to building a new and #PowerfulIndia 

In 2005, Dr Manmohan Singh said they will electrify every village in the country by 2009, Smt Sonia Gandhi went a step ahead and said they will provide electricity to every house by 2009. Nothing had happened till 2014: PM #NammaModi 

The UPA electrified 108,280 villages in 10 years. The incompetent Modi Govt was unable to electrify even a mere 20% of that number in it's tenure. Instead we had Power Minister Piyush Goyal keep shifting goalposts. #BJPLies 

Track in real time as we electrify every single one of our villages. Hold us accountable!

Helluva way to electrify last night Irishman@TheNotoriousMMA  Great to see. Get after it and grab that brass ring brotha.

You never know what will happen at WWE Live! Watch@TheRock  electrify#WWEBoston !