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1st time in history that the Electoral Commission has started legal proceedings against any political party:Tories finally yield papers
Such incidences detract confidence in the electoral process and we urge the Election Commission to address the issue.
New: #France electoral commission calls on media not to publish alleged #Macron emails indicating spreading false info could break law
#Breaking The Electoral Commission says it has opened an investigation into @Arron_banks over Brexit campaign donations
Facebook has told the Electoral Commission it has found little evidence of Russian interference during the 2016 European Union referendum and less than one U.S. dollar was spent by accounts linked to Russia's Internet Research Agency on advertising during the campaign
PM stated Tory Party co-operated fully with Electoral Commission:Why then did investigators have to get Court to force key Tory disclosures?
Electoral Commission: 2.9m register to vote applications made between May announcing snap election & deadline a month later. 69% under 34
Electoral Commission had to go to court in order to get the Conservative Party to reveal the truth over its expenses overs-spending
From the Electoral Commission which let the Tories off the hook. Momentum had a transformative impact on the election, all on a shoe string budget. Some struggle to accept this.
Electoral Commission launches investigation into Leave.EU referendum finances
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