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Eighteen patients at a Woodbridge long-term care home were transported to hospital on Saturday night after testing positive for COVID-19.

Eighteen people, including 13 children sent into quarantine after an after school care facility worker was diagnosed with the #coronavirus .

SpaceX was an industry joke for many years. Eighteen years later, it is the first private company to launch astronauts to the International Space Station.

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With eighteen conduct complaints against Chauvin, what were they waiting for? All the signs were there that this guy was a ticking time bomb. There should be no room or tolerance for racism. Period. Same goes for abuse of power. So sad that we had to get to this point.

Eighteen residents of one long-term care home outside Toronto taken to hospital after testing positive for COVID-19

. @mashagessen ⁩: “My eighteen-year-old child, who has asthma, was held for nearly eleven hours in conditions that violate public-health guidelines, for allegedly using chalk as a means of protest.”

Celebrated filmmaker Alan Gilsenan writes for @RTE_Culture  about his latest project, ULYSSES | FILM, an eighteen-part experimental film series created for Museum Of Irish Literature and available online from tomorrow Saturday May 30 - Bloomsday, June 16.

Eighteen-year-old Jovan Mills almost died after he was shot in the chest while walking to his bus stop. He tells Action News Jax’s Alicia Tarancon he never thought he’d graduate high school and make it to college, but now he’s defying the odds.

Eighteen workers at the Alliant Energy Center are on temporary furlough until the Madison convention center can safety hold events again.

Eighteen states fight conservative think tank effort to freeze fuel efficiency standards

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BREAKING: Crude oil prices have plunged to $17.8, the lowest in eighteen years.

Let me dripp on ya, twenty eighteen

The war on Julian#Assange  is now a war on all. Eighteen absurd charges including espionage send a burning message to every journalist, every publisher. The target today is . Tomorrow it will be you on the New York Times, you on the BBC. Modern fascism is breaking cover.

With more than 5 million pounds of thrust at liftoff—equal to approximately eighteen 747 aircraft at full power—Falcon Heavy will be the most powerful operational rocket in the world by a factor of two.

We still have 15,000 troops in Afganistan fighting an EIGHTEEN YEAR WAR, for the love of God.

Eighteen years ago today, the #NBAAllStar  Dunk Contest found out the true meaning of Vinsanity (via @NBATV )

A NFL player can’t protest in America, but an eighteen year old can still buy an AR-15.

Eighteen days. That's how long the President waited to fire Flynn after learning that he lied to VP and caused VP to mislead country.

I wish that I was eighteen, do all the things you read in a magazine... 18 live at the House of Blues…