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The ambassador is more closely tied to the efforts by President Trump to get Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden than any witness heard from so far.

The U.S. Mission in India would like to recognize the outstanding work, dedication, and passion of our Locally Employed Staff. Each of you plays an important role in strengthening the #USIndia  partnership. Thank you very much for your continued efforts. #USIndiaDostiDosti 

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out. - Robert Collier

#Hedayah Chairman H.E. @Dralnoaimi  welcomes the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition @imctc_en  led by Major General Mohammed Al-Moghedi and discussed potential areas of collaboration in #CVE  efforts

"No doubt efforts were made to convince them that they were making a fuss about nothing."

India captain #ViratKohli  was on Wednesday named #PETA  India's 'Person of the Year for 2019' for his animal advocacy efforts. #DCSports  #PersonOfTheYear  @imVkohli 

China ramps up coal power in face of emissions efforts - via @FT 

Special Agent Petonak says the journalists, attorneys and aid workers who were caught in the intelligence gathering efforts were unwillingly compelled by agents to be “Sources of Information.”

China ramps up coal power in face of emissions efforts via @FinancialTimes ⁩ @lesliehook ⁩

China ramps up coal power in face of emissions efforts


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President Trump’s efforts to cover up his betrayal of his oath of office almost make the things Nixon did look small.

Attorney General Bill Barr slams the constant efforts to undermine the president in a speech to the Federalist Society

Roger Stone was convicted today on all charges, including, among other things, lying to the Intelligence Committee about his contacts with the Trump campaign and efforts to coordinate with Wikileaks. A good day for the rule of law.

I was saying that I don't want u guys to feel unappreciated cuz we do reall appreciate the efforts u guys go through

Ambassador Yovanovitch's removal from Ukraine is the beginning of the story, A story about the President’s efforts to coerce, condition, or bribe Ukraine for political investigations. If you have any doubt that these are the facts, do what Trump says: Read the transcript.

#VikramLander has been located by the orbiter of #Chandrayaan2 , but no communication with it yet. All possible efforts are being made to establish communication with lander. #ISRO 

Dr. King was 26 when the Montgomery bus boycott began. He started small, rallying others who believed their efforts mattered, pressing on through challenges and doubts to change our world for the better. A permanent inspiration for the rest of us to keep pushing towards justice.

BREAKING: We just blocked Georgia's abortion ban. Abortion is still legal in all 50 states. We won't stop fighting until all efforts to block access are defeated.

We're expanding our efforts to help Puerto Rico & the USVI, where our fellow Americans need us right now. Join us at

Thank you for preventing US commercial airlines from crashing in 2017. Your active participation monitoring the flight patterns and safety regulations was greatly appreciated. In 2018 could you please turn your efforts toward preventing wildfires and hurricanes?