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With many kids at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, Editor-at-Large for Mississippi Today Marshall Ramsey created coloring sheets to help keep them busy.

Our journalists at The Oklahoman have been hard at work covering the spread of COVID-19 in the state. But like many businesses, our newspaper needs your support now more than ever. A message from Editor'>Executive Editor@kelfry  during these difficult times:

What do the coronavirus stimulus payments mean for you? Join a live Q&A with Editor'>Personal Finance Editor@bourreelam  and Tax Policy Reporter@RichardRubinDC  on Wednesday at 12 p.m. ET to discuss

Letters to the Editor - Praise for Opinion pieces, suggestions for a Texas shutdown and support for globalism

WordPress 5.4 arrives with new blocks, 14% faster editor, and privacy improvements by @EPro 

I mulled leading with “Mike Pompeo’s behavior during the coronavirus pandemic has been puzzling,” but my editor was, like, no.

Amid virus, health and safety of immigrant workers must come before industry profits on NC farms. (Letters to the Editor)

Note from the editor: The video may be difficult to watch.​


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David Reminck, editor of @NewYorker , writes that coronavirus is forcing Americans to admit: “Donald Trump is incapable of truth, heedless of science, and hostage to the demands of his insatiable ego.”

Going to create a site where the public can rate the core truth of any article & track the credibility score over time of each journalist, editor & publication. Thinking of calling it Pravda

“Former editorJill Abramson rips paper's ‘unmistakably anti-Trump’ bias.” Ms. Abramson is 100% correct. Horrible and totally dishonest reporting on almost everything they write. Hence the term Fake News, Enemy of the People, and Opposition Party!

Christopher Bedford, The Editor'>Federalist Senior Editor. “There is NOTHING NEW in these Emails at all that’s been discovered. It’s exactly what we knew before, which is that the White House & political figures wanted to cut off aid, Trump wanted to question aid to a number of....

The New York Times is now blaming an editor for the horrible mistake they made in trying to destroy or influence Justice Brett Kavanaugh. It wasn’t the editor, the Times knew everything. They are sick and desperate, losing in so many ways!

If the chairman of the Spectator@afneil ) really can’t get an interview with the ex-editor of the Spectator @BorisJohnson ), he could always ask the current deputy editor to have a word with her husband (Dominic Cummings). Barclay brothers permitting, of course. #bbcimpartiality 

Wow! The Deputy Editor of the Failing New York Times was just demoted. Should have been Fired! Totally biased and inaccurate reporting. The paper is a Fraud, Zero Credibility. Fake News takes another hit, but this time a big one!

In the last 24 hours we’ve learned that @nytimes  is employing a self avowed anti-Semite as political editor & @CNN  has hired a man fired from the FBI for lying. These are the same "news" orgs that claim they have the moral authority to lecture the rest of us. Give me a break!

Breaking: I will shortly be announced as editor of Heat magazine....