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China on Thursday summoned the US ambassador and threatened retaliation after US President Donald Trump signed legislation supporting Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters, just as the world's top two economies edge towards a trade truce -- @AFP 

Hong Kong protests: -At least 200 people were arrested -Mandarin-speaking man attacked people with a knife -He also bit off part of pro-democracy district councilor Andrew Chiu’s ear, RTHK reports -Leader Carrie Lam says city's “unique edge” is unharmed

Should we pay politicians more? I argue in my book "Edge of Chaos: Why Democracy is Failing to Deliver Economic Growth - And How to Fix It". RP by @bloombergbusiness  #getsmarter  #edgeofchaos  #politics 

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Sudan today is on a knife-edge: it can evolve toward peace and democracy, or spiral into instability and violence

In her new documentary "The Edge of Democracy," filmmaker @petracostal  examines Brazil's fractured democracy. "I grew up believing that democracy was my birthright," she says, but the rise of the far-right under President Jair Bolsonaro has thrown that into doubt.

"I think the democracy is teetering on the edge of collapse." — @Janefonda  #TheImpeachmentShow  on @VICELAND 

Lyrical 'Edge of Democracy' tracks the decline of Brazil's political experiment

Lyrical 'Edge of Democracy' tracks the decline of Brazil's political experiment

Leading edge of monitory democracy via sensorization: "A treetop surveillance system that uses recycled cellphones and artificial intelligence software to listen for rogue loggers and catch them in the act." HT @cfarivar 


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Video from Hong Kong shows pro-democracy protesters waving American flags and singing the American National Anthem. Demonstrations have shutdown the city's airport for a second consecutive day and put the entire Chinese city on edge.

For those who want to understand what is happening now in Brazil and how we got here - obviously more crucial now than ever - the Petra Costa film "The Edge of Democracy" on Netflix is vital: also shows how democracies worldwide are being eroded.

Historians and social scientists deeply worried Trump is showing all the signs of authoritarianism. Not just his rivals are saying it. Big concern there could be a crisis, real or contrived, that could push our old, and generally successful, experiment in democracy over the edge.

Hitler’s rise exposes fragility of democracy: At every turn, the system gave Hitler the benefit of the doubt or looked the other way Karan Thapar. Demagoguery is the kryptonite of democracy. We are at the edge of the abyss, staring into it.

Review: ‘Edge of Democracy’ Looks at Brazil With Outrage and Heartbreak

What Nancy Pelosi called the “monstrous endgame” of the Republican assault on health care is just the leading edge of an attack on multiple fronts, as the G.O.P. tries to overturn the will of the voters and undermine democracy in general, says

Brazil’s democracy is teetering on the edge, but its collapse is not inevitable.

Quite a split-screen moment here --> Obama talking about American democracy on edge just as Trump tells reporters aboard AF1 that he wants DOJ to investigate anonymous op-ed.