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Protests in Ecuador leads to 821 mln USD losses in 2019: central bank

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Hyde, in a hard-to-follow video message, says he was "in Ecuador cimbing volcanoes" while texting with Parnas and mentions a garbled name he says was providing him info about Yovanovitch's supposed whereabouts. He says he now believes this person was a Democratic plant.

Eastern Airlines reborn? The brand returns to the skies with service between JFK and Guayaquil, Ecuador

When a 2016 earthquake brought devastation, a @YLAINetwork  alum set up Ecuador'>Mission Ecuador (supported by @usembassy_quito ) to bol #Ecuadorter #Entrepreneurship 's ! With the program's support, this young entrepreneur tripled her annual earnings! USEC

⚽️ STATS QUIZ 🔢 Q4) Ecuador appointed Jordi Cruyff as their new coach. Which of the following Europeans has also coached a South American nation this century?


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Rep. : - Grew up in Ecuador and Columbia - Graduated from Colegio Nueva Granada high school in Bogota, Colombia - Is proficient in Spanish Here, Crenshaw gives the best argument for border security & the Wall you will ever hear. Wow. (🔊🔊SOUND UP 🔊🔊)

BREAKING: Multiple US sources tell us John Kerry asked Ecuador to stop Assange from publishing Clinton docs during FARC peace negotiations.

We can confirm Ecuador cut off Assange's internet access Saturday, 5pm GMT, shortly after publication of Clinton's Goldman Sachs speechs.

I applaud Ecuador’s Indigenous-led grassroots movements who stood up to repression and blocked the IMF's austerity agenda. Economic elites keep pushing austerity worldwide, making life unbearable for working people. The U.S. should stop supporting this.

URGENT: Ecuador has illigally terminated Assange political asylum in violation of international law. He was arrested by the British police inside the Ecuadorian embassy minutes ago.

Important background for journalists covering the arrest of Julian#Assange  by Ecuador: the United Nations formally ruled his detention to be arbitrary, a violation of human rights. They have repeatedly issued statements calling for him to walk free--including very recently.

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Images of Ecuador's ambassador inviting the UK's secret police into the embassy to drag a publisher of--like it or not--award-winning journalism out of the building are going to end up in the history books. Assange's critics may cheer, but this is a dark moment for press freedom.

We pray for the earthquake victims in Ecuador and Japan. May God and all our brothers and sisters give them help and support.