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'The ripple effects of 10 million or more jobs permanently lost rule out any hope of a quick economic bounceback.'

I see a lot of people dunking on the term "human capital stock" but...that seems like a pretty standard, boring economic term to me. Came right after an analogy to the sharp post-WWII bounceback, when US benefited from not having its (non-human) capital stock destroyed

A couple of implications. On one side, surge in new infections may be smaller than feared, because people aren't changing behavior that much. On the other, economic bounceback may be muted for same reason 2/

#ICYMI @SecretaryRoss  Op-Ed on @FoxBusiness : “3 factors why this economic bounceback won't mirror 2008”

BBC News - Coronavirus: No guarantee of quick economic bounceback, warns Sunak. Economic Secretary to the Treasury @JohnGlenMP  #bbcgms  0805

#OpEd by @SecretaryRoss  3 factors why this economic bounceback won't mirror 2008 #FoxBusiness 

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Here's your Tuesday evening news briefing: 🏦 'No guarantee of immediate economic bounceback' 🏫 Teaching union admits hardline stance a 'negotiation' ✈️ EasyJet cyber attack: What to do if you are affected

Britain’s economy is likely to have a slower economic recovery rather than a quick bounce-back after its #coronavirus  shutdown

PM: If we get this right we will minimise death... we will maximise our economic and societal bounce-back: allowing more people to get one with more of their normal lives & & get our economy working again 4/

Coaxing consumers out of hibernation is one of the most vexing economic issues. It will help define if the recovery is a sudden, sharp V-shaped bounceback or whether a self-perpetuating cycle of grim economic news results in a slow, attritional U-shape


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Democrats are blocking a 251 Billion Dollar funding boost for Small Businesses which will help them keep their employees. It should be for only that reason, with no additions. We should have a big Infrastructure Phase Four with Payroll Tax Cuts & more. Big Economic Bounceback!

Bank of England held off further stimulus measures but said it was ready to take fresh action to counter the coronavirus hammering which could cause the country’s biggest economic slump in over 300 years in 2020 before a bounceback in 2021

Quick economic bounce-back post-corona unlikely: ECB's Weidmann

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Trump is equally desperate to see an economic bounceback and avoid a free and fair election in November, and he will play extra dirty to get both things. That’s what the “plan” to “reopen the economy” is all about.

Most forecasters still predicting a rapid economic bounceback in the 2nd half. But reasons to be skeptical, including some this (very good) article doesn't mention 1/

“If we play our cards right … in the fourth quarter and the first quarter of next year, then I think you’d see boom quarters,” says St. Louis Fed President James Bullard on the economic bounce-back that could follow the #coronavirus  shutdown.