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US senators reportedly agreed the latest stimulus plan (~$2trn). Now has to be passed by the House via unanimous consent or else there will be a delay has Congress members will have to return to WashingtonTrump sounds a bit optimistic in talking of reopening the econ by Easter

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great @TheLastWord  w/ @Lawrence  & @SenSchumer  @genebsperling  re econ crisis, coming unemployment tsunami & needs of #MainStreet-  we have a plan to address that ASAP that directly speaks to the key issues you all discussed: #coronavirus 

Kudlow says the president’s Econ plan is: a temporary payroll tax holiday. Use assistance to “unpaid sick leave people,” small and medium businesses and possibly to some distressed industries and sectors of the economy. “We are consulting with leaders in the House and Senate.”

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@wsinno  @LizSlyRussia : Budget can withstand lower prices, econ/reserves more diversified+better prepared, increase share of market even at lower price per barrel=more income. MbS entire plan, vision relies on higher ppb.

Like Jack Reacher says, "hope for the best, plan for the worst." We need to ask "how ready is the U.S. for a recession?" induced, of course, by the econ impact of the virus. I gotta say, I don't love where we are re the relevant policies & esp. politics, but read on...

#MiniSanders #Buttigieg  has NO plan for our econ! Check out his website. Nothin! There's no excuse. By this time 4 yrs ago, most GOP candidates put forward a tax plan. (I should know, I read every single one & @realDonaldTrump  ’s was the best for creating prosperity. #TrishRegan 

@SenSanders  needs a refresher in Econ 101. His plan to raise the #MinimumWage  means fewer hours and fewer jobs for low-skilled workers. The #FightFor15  is the fight for #Unemployment .

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Bloomberg hasn’t talked about other Dems much. But as he pitched his econ plan, he tried to differentiate himself from the field, arguing he’d take on Trump’s “broken promises” more effectively than the “career politician” Trump is expecting to run against

... The state seriously considered shutting the Hynes as part of the original BCEC plan, 20 or so years ago. An economic impact study was done. The idea was scuttled. Somebody please ask Baker admin for econ impact study they did before making the announcement. (Spoiler: NA)

Companies named by Buttigieg in his econ plan: "The status quo with companies like Facebook and Uber setting the rules and government sitting on the sidelines must change."


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Real econ risk is if things go wrong, WH doesn't have a plan & doesn't have any competent personnel to come up with one. Trump's econ brain trust consists of a guy who plays an economist on TV, a nutcase the entire (real) econ profession has disowned, & the producer of LegoBatman

NEW: Pete Buttigieg just released his new econ plan. It has: -Free college for those make <$100k -Universal pre-K -Public option on health care -Expanding EITC (tax credit for <~$55k) -Free childcare for poor kids <5 -2 mil. more affordable housing units

MY PRO-GROWTH Econ Plan: ✅Eliminate excessive regulations! ✅Lean government! ✅Lower taxes! #Debates   #BigLeagueTruth 

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But Larry Summers, who helped guide the country out of the Great Recession a decade ago, says the government should plan for contingencies. And he tells WaPo that Trump’s econ moves are out of a “banana republic” playbook.

Today I announced I'll outline a plan for a Green New Deal, accelerating US transition to 100% clean energy. The 1st pillar will be investing in people & communities that powered our economy for decades. The econ benefits of a Green New Deal must reach every corner of the country

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This week: - Fed meeting/Powell Presser - Brexit "Plan B" vote - US-China trade talks - Huawei CFO extradition notice deadline - US January Payrolls - Global PMIs/GDPs - 26 backlogged US econ events - Busiest week of earnings season

McCain econ advisor, Mark Zandi, found that under Hillary's plan our economy would gain 10.4 million jobs in her first term alone. #VPDebate 

Trump back on message - @realDonaldTrump  focuses on uniting GOP around econ plan. Wilbur Ross joins #FoxLDT  7pm

Trump's econ plan in a nutshell: tax cuts for the rich; Wall St dereg.Essentially, his populist rhetoric is a giant bait & switch.So cynical