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would you eat these foods for $100? heck yea!

#Recall: Perdue Foods LLC Recalls Simply Smart Organics Frozen Chicken Ready-to-Eat Products Due to Misbranding a...

would you eat these foods for $100? heck yea

At the Kern County Fair, one can expect to see rides, amusement and all sorts of various foods. What you might not expect to see are creepy crawlers. There's a new exhibit where you may or may not want to eat what you see. Watch below to learn more.

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Perdue Foods, LLC, is recalling approximately 495 pounds of frozen ready-to-eat chicken products due to misbranding and undeclared allergens.

Got Acne? You Must Eat These Foods -

Perdue Foods is recalling about 495 pounds of a frozen, ready-to-eat chicken product because of misbranding and undeclared allergens that were shipped to stores in five states including Pennsylvania

A new diet study found it's not just what people eat that may influence heart function, but it may also be when you eat and the impact of inflammation from foods that play a role:

Many schools offer meals, snack foods, and drinks that are too high in unhealthy fats, sodium, and added sugars. Learn how schools can support students to eat healthy, and achieve and maintain a healthy weight. #ChildhoodObesityMonth 

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I don't eat junk foods and I don't think junk thoughts. -Peace Pilgrim#JoyPublicity  #JoyPublications 


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I am calling on the FDA to speed up and make public their final report on the prevalence of the weed-killing chemical, glyphosate, in many foods families regularly eat–cereals, granola bars, oats, snack bars, & more. We need answers and we need them now.

I am a white American male, lifetime member of the NRA, Speak with a southern accent, eat bacon,love fried foods, hate political correctness, believe any healthy man who wont work should not be able to eat, and that anyone who rapes a child should be hung after castration

Tell the truth. Read more books. Write to educate. Get more sleep. Eat healthier foods. Break a sweat. Find a mentor. Adopt beginner's mindset. Say thank you. Hold doors open. Be more humble. Vale good friendships. Drink more water. Eat less sugar. #BetterYourselfIn3Words 

What Doctors are talking about all these incredible foods we be having really killing my spirit ... like yo what else we supposed to eat 😞

Doctors are learning that one of the best ways to quell inflammation is with the foods you eat: #HarvardHealth  #inflammation  #Diet 

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Never eat foods that have touched flood water. Even canned goods could become contaminated. #HurricaneHarvery 

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Yup, Dogs & Cats are genetically modified organisms. So are practically all foods we eat — 10,000 years of agriculture.

Watch us eat strange foods from countries were going to in Europe#5COUNTRIES5DAYS