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It may be mid-December, but this intensifying Eastern storm will be all wet along the Eastern Seaboard.

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A low pressure system will move up the eastern seaboardFriday and Saturday. An initial period of freezing rain could bring icy travel from the Appalachians to interior Mid Atlantic late tonight into Friday morning. Plain rain is expected thereafter with localized flooding likely

Bushfires ravaging the nation’s eastern seaboard are expected to intensify over the coming months as the country experiences the “most destructive bushfire season” since Federation almost 120 years ago.

To be fair, having a religious nutter screaming that you’re going to be flung into the fiery pit of damnation has somewhat lost its sting on the eastern seaboard of late.

Shoppers have entirely cleared out this product from shelves since the #bushfires  started raging across the eastern seaboard.

The 1500 creditors of the Ralan Group will reap between zero and 2 cents in the dollar if the collapsed eastern seaboard apartment developer is liquidated, according to a report lodged with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. #property 

Lt Guv's Secretariat, Puducherry: Virendra Singh Pathania,Addl Director General,Coast Guard Commander (Eastern Seaboard), said Indian Coast Guard has proposal to establish a base for its helicopter at Puducherry to enable enhanced search&rescue op&address Coastal Security concern

. @alexmaclean ’s new book of aerial photos previews the dire consequences of sea level rise along the Eastern seaboard.

Alex MacLean’s new book of aerial photos previews the dire consequences of sea level rise along the Eastern seaboard.

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#Sydney was shrouded in dangerous haze Tuesday as smoke from bushfires blazing along Australia's eastern seaboard sent pollution levels soaring in the country's biggest city


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President Trump's warning to the Eastern Seaboard about the dangerous upcoming hurricane: 'It's tremendously big and tremendously wet.'

The world’s most powerful wind turbine just found its first home. In a new deal, two @DeepwaterWind  wind farms off the US Eastern Seaboard will be the first to d @GErenewablesploy  Haliade-X 12 MW.

Located on the U.S. Eastern Seaboard? Plan to go outside tonight to #SpotTheStation  as @Space_Station  flies overhead at 17,500 mph! 7:58pm ET Washington, DC 7:59pm ET Philadelphia New York 8pm ET BostonSign up for alerts about your location:

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2. Crashing real estate market Rising sea levels could ravage property values, says the director of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies. Losses along the Eastern Seaboard & Gulf of Mexico are expected to top $7.3B as soon as 15 years from now.

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Cameras outside the station captured views of Hurricane Florence in the Atlantic at 8:10 a.m. EDT Sept. 10. With winds of 115 miles an hour it could make landfall along the eastern seaboard of the U.S. late Thursday or early Friday.

Cameras outside the space station captured new views of a somewhat weakened #Hurricane Florence at 6:56 a.m. EDT Sept. 13 as it neared the U.S. Eastern seaboard. According to the National Hurricane Center, Florence is moving northwest with winds of 110 miles an hour.

Many of you are asking about #Irma  hitting a specific state. Only thing I can promise is big surf for eastern seaboard. No goal posts yet.

Ship with 33 crew members has gone missing as #Joaquin  continues up the eastern seaboard

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If you're on the Eastern seaboard, please make sure to follow the instructions of your state and local officials today. Stay safe. -bo