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This is earth
It's hot
Don't pollute
New record! We’ve found 7 Earth-sized planets around a single star outside our solar system; 3 in habitable zone:
Are you seeing this shit!!! @Camila_Cabello is literally the coolest person on planet earth!
Don't get me started but I'm going to miss the obamas . The nicest family on earth .
Cassini gave us Saturn, but also gave us Earth — as only deep space could reveal: Small. Frail. Lonely. Steeped in darkness.
Kneel so hard Sunday the earth shakes.
Very much enjoying the German press at the moment. "Earth to Trump..."
Oh dear God. Massive R.I.P to Chester Bennington of @linkinpark this BREAKS OUR HEART. Suicide is the devil on earth walking amongst us 😞
Fly to most places on Earth in under 30 mins and anywhere in under 60. Cost per seat should be…
Earth received @CassiniSaturn’s final signal at 7:55am ET. Cassini is now part of the planet it studied. Thanks for the science #GrandFinale
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