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So excited for tonight! Biggest crowd ive ever played for! Xx Brazil!
soo excited for all these autumn things!! 🤗☕️🍂

• dark days like my soul
• cold weather like my heart
• leaves falling like my self esteem
One direction will always be my home and family but I'm very excited to see what this chapter brings.
Excited to see you guys tomorrow @BTS_twt 🇰🇷💪
WE are excited for the FIRST K-POP group to be nominated at the #BBMAs!! Here's how @BTS_twt feels about it.
Excited for what 2017 brings ! Thank you again for helping me do what I love. Love you all x
Ireland , I'm home . Really excited and nervous for tonight!
Really excited for you all to hear the new single 😬
Mad excited to announce my new single Strip That Down ft. @quavostuntin out May 19th #STRIPTHATDOWN ⬇️
Soooooo excited for you all to hear
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