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After phone hackings of journalists, lawyers of HR activists and politicians, especially if the scandal continues to grow, it will become increasingly difficult to defend the sanctity of EVMs & VPATs in the popular domain. Govt, needs to wrest its credibility fast.

The BJP has slipped just below 100 in Maharashtra. At least now the opposition should stop blamimg EVMs, the media and everyone else. There is an opposition on the ground. What is in dearth is leadership. Pawar & Hooda have showed what consistency looks like #ElectionResults2019 

EVMs'>Forget EVMs & Long Sulks, the opposition should Learn From Pawar & Hooda. My take on the #ElectionResults2019 ً

It helps nobody if doubts arise on the integrity of the electoral process. This game of EVMs being faulty & rigged began with Bhakts when BJP was in the opposition. If they were rigged, BJP would not be the ruling party as it is. So please validate the process using SC/EC.

@Rohinisgh_ET  I dont agree with the EVMs theory. I agree that the media especially a lot of TV is either banal or shameful. But i dont think that gives the opposition any excuses..

Process :: All EVM’s have unique number and the list is with each candidate. Post Polling, EVMs are sealed and signed by the concerned officials as well BLA’s, with even the seals having an unique identifier 5/6

Which conflict of interest do we have with EVMS

#ElectionsWithHT | Polling station officials carried EVMs without any security or vehicle, candidates from Congress, MNS and VBA alleged in their complaint to EC (reports @Mehul_Thakkar_ ) #MaharashtraAssemblyPolls 

#NewsAlert – Maharashtra Pradesh Congress CommitteePresident Balasaheb Thorat demands cameras should be installed in the vicinity of strongrooms and counting centres where EVMs have been kept. @vinivdvc  with details.


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The manner in which elections are held in India is admired globally. We should be proud of our electoral system instead of blaming EVMs. Polls come and go, democracy remains and it must be strengthened instead of being discredited.

@ArtiSharma001  : EVMs was first proposed by Rajiv Gandhi. Opposition protested and it was deferred. Again it was introduced in 2004 and Congi celebrated since the UPA won. Then 2009 Congi did massive rigging in 2009. So I went to court and SC gave VVPAT. Now again Congi screaming

No mismatch found between EVM vote count and VVPAT slips, shows Election Commission data. Again, this exposes the fake narrative and incessant vilification of EVMs, and will hopefully convince the naysayers once and for all.

West Bengal: Nadia District Nodal ElectionOfficer Arnab Roy is reportedly missing. He was at Bipradas Choudhury Polytechnic College for his poll duty yesterday and after lunch went untraceable. He is incharge of the EVMs and VVPATs. Police has begun investigation. (file pic)

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Congi logic on EVM tampering is hilarious. When Congi is in power in 2014 Then BJP in opposition can rig EVMs and win. When BJP is in power in 2018 Cong in opposition can win absolute majority defeating BJP!!! Dementia has hit Congi

VVPAT machines is not rocket science. Our country has capability to launch satellites. Can’t we manufacture functioning EVMs n VVPATs? Yes, we can. Such large no of machines malfunction under a plan, not due to technological glitches

Large scale EVM tampering? Yest, during inspection of EVMs in Del cant, in 4 machines, whatever button u pressed, light against BJP lit

Please save this tweet for future reference. If I win it was all my charm & hard work. If I lose it’s all down to those blasted EVMs.

BJP MP Subramanian Swamy's reaction when asked about Congress raising questions on EVMs#KarnatakaElections2018 

I deserve some praise for filing the PIL to demand VVPAT for EVMs and succeed in SC. The CJI Sadasivam in his order had praised me.