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Investors pulled $1.5bn from HYG on Tuesday alone, a record single-day redemption, helping drag the ETF’s assets down to $14bn by the end of Wednesday. In January, the fund’s assets sat at $20bn, near an all-time high. via @richhend  @JARennison  #JunkBonds 

Investors Flocked To Fixed Income, International Equities In January: As equities markets resumed their rally, new money poured into U.S.-domiciled mutual funds and ETFs. Long-term funds gathered a total of $82.8… ^ ^ @FAmagazine 

ETF Deathwatch for January, following a ton of ETFs that joined the Choir Invisible in 2019:

Fund Investors Remain Cautious While APs Embrace Stock And Bond ETFs In January. #business  #trading  #stocks 

Indians invested the most in gold ETFs in more than seven years in January

#ExpressBiz | Gold ETFs see inflow of Rs 200-crore in January; highest in 7 years

Gold Holdings in Gold-Backed ETFs Hit All-Time High in January @schiffgold 


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'More than $38 billion flowed into equity-focused ETFs in November, the biggest monthly influx since January 2018.'

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-$12.7b outflow from equity MF + ETFs this week, the largest outflow since late January. So far this year, a net outflow of -$30.6b (Lipper)

Total holdings of gold in gold-backed ETFs grew for the fourth straight month in January. @SchiffGold   

More than $3 billion flowed out of ETFs tracking the energy sector in January, the largest monthly outflow since at least 2012, even as energy stocks started off the year with an 11 percent surge

$100b flowed out of domestic (US) equity mutual funds and ETFs from the end of January through October. That’s not optimism (from ICI)

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All equity mutual funds have lost an estimated $16.9 bln so far in January, while all equity ETFs have taken in $18.6 bln via @TrimTabsIR 

Record $122.1 billion pumped into U.S. Equity ETFs since Election Day, including $7.9 billion on first three days of January - @TrimTabsIR