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Amnesia EPs out in OZ, NZ, DE, IT, FI, CZ, IE, Croatia, NL, SI, Switzerland, BA, S Africa & CA
Here are the 25 women directors who helmed #QUEENSUGAR over our three seasons. For 21 of them, it was their first episode of television. They’ve since gone on to direct for many shows. They just needed a first YES. To my fellow EPs, as you staff up for fall, consider saying YES.
USA & MEXICO ! our Amnesia EPs finally out there. Go download it if ya like, hope ya love it
All editors and EPs should focus on the ongoing counts in Georgia and Florida. Kemp tried to rig the election in plain sight of the world. And some numbers in Florida don’t add up, even as Nelson and Gillum get within striking distance. #RecountFlorida #RecountGeorgia
You can find this guy trying to steal all of our EPs in hmv stores around England.
"@5sosintoxicated: I've bought 45 SLSP eps and I will be visiting 5sos fans in hospital and giving them an EP each to make them smile ☺️"
That's me. Finally back in LA. Indulging in some narcissism by watching both eps of OG and TVD back to back.
A bundle of @edsheeran’s EPs? Yes please.
5 is out now!
Like in Sterlite agitation, the Elis and Naxalite rogues-with city sewer flowing out their mouths-have entered into “MK for Marina” campaign. EPS should show them their correct place in a constutional democracy—jail
TWO eps tonight: #EELive continues at 7.30pm then we flashback to the night Lucy died at 9.25pm. You must watch BOTH.
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