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Amnesia EPs out in OZ, NZ, DE, IT, FI, CZ, IE, Croatia, NL, SI, Switzerland, BA, S Africa & CA
USA & MEXICO ! our Amnesia EPs finally out there. Go download it if ya like, hope ya love it
You can find this guy trying to steal all of our EPs in hmv stores around England.
That's me. Finally back in LA. Indulging in some narcissism by watching both eps of OG and TVD back to back.
Thank you for the best 2017, this year has changed my life and it’s all because of you guys, I signed my record deal this year, I’ve been on 2 tours around America and in the U.K, released 2 E.Ps and 7 music videos! I also met so many of you guys.I love you guys unconditionally🐯
"@5sosintoxicated: I've bought 45 SLSP eps and I will be visiting 5sos fans in hospital and giving them an EP each to make them smile ☺️"
One of the hottest duos coming out of New Orleans right now just dropped five new EPs
A bundle of @edsheeran’s EPs? Yes please.
5 is out now!
By the time it ends #GameofThrones, will have aired 73 episodes. 2.7% directed by women (2 eps, both had same director). 4 episodes in which a woman had full or partial writing credit (5.5%). 2 women writers ever. Last time a woman credited as #GoT a writer was 2013.
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