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why are idiots running around attacking mosques? why are edl supporters taking to the streets? to kill more innocent people?
I think the EDL wanted to make a point about Muslims not respecting British law, and what better way to do that than to fight the police?
.@gmpolice are stretched to limit & in middle of on-going investigation. These EDL-types who came today need to have a look at themselves.
EDL founder Tommy Robinson filmed punching man in head SEVEN times in shocking Ascot scuffle
Enraged EDL racist stared down by amused, contemptuous Asian woman. #Birmingham
(via @AlexisTrust)
EDL protesters wear ski masks during march. Same EDL which wants the burka banned
Saffiyah Khan meets the woman she defended at the EDL demo in Birmingham:
To those saying they weren't EDL - I honestly don't care. They still need to take a long, hard look at themselves. @gmpolice deserve better.
Why interview EDL's Tommy Robinson as he hangs around Westminster?
He's not an expert or a witness.
Stop giving him a platform for hate.
Image of Birmingham woman standing up to EDL protester confuses Americans, who can’t understand how she did it without a can of Pepsi.
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