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Mayweather Promotions CEO says Floyd will now join MJ and Tiger as the only athletes with over $1B in career earnings.
The $228M Harden is projected to earn between now and 2023 surpasses the career earnings to date of every active player besides Dirk.
Floyd Mayweather's earnings breakdown tonight :

$180,000,000 for the fight
$15,000,000 per round
$5,000,000 per minute
$83,333 per second
Trump wants to give a "one-time" tax amnesty to corporations with trillions in earnings abroad. Let's look at what happened the last time:
Shameless of Con politicians who cut earnings & jobs of emergency workers to ooze praise after the London bomb. Hypocritical words are cheap
Cristiano Ronaldo fined $4,483 for pushing a ref + a red card.

With his earnings, that's the equivalent of fining an avg American $1.69.
Earnings and capital are not more important than the human person, but should be at the service of the common good.
Floyd Mayweather's earnings last night:
$41,500,000 in total
$3,458,333 per round
$1,152,778 per minute
$19,213 per second
On average, it takes black women until today to catch up to white men's 2015 earnings. Time to close the pay gap.
Justin Bieber's #PurposeWorldTour nears $200 million in earnings
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