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Lots of crappily shot MC2 model reels on YouTube. Are they also sexual abuse victims? How old is “Vanessa”? @MC2MODELS  has taken all content off-line but there are bits around the Internet on other websites. Remember, E=MC2, E is for Epstein. Jeffrey.

Yes Einstein was smart and stuff but Dyson has invented a tap that also speedily dries your hands...which in a public restroom is much more thrilling to me than E=mc2

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@laurenlaverne re: Emilie du Chatalet - the book Passionate Minds, about her and Voltaire's relationship, is a "galloping read", as they say. Gambling! Sexing! And she invented the "E" in E=MC2!

Einstein “E=MC2” (energy=mass *speed of light squared) Epstein. “E=MC2 (Epstein murdered by Clintons 2 of em).

@CollinCapone  Collin Capone streaming? This is like the moment Einstein first turned to his Dad and said, "You know what Dad, I'm thinking of giving physics a go... " 😍 Good luck with the stream Collin. Just remember the formula E=MC2 (Effort = More Cashes squared) and you'll be fine. 🥼🍀

“This led to emergence of primal energy, which later went on to give different life forms, as clarified by Einstein’s E=mc2.” Get ready 4 New India’s science.

How long has it been since someone won the #USOpen  three times in a row? Hint: Einstein developed his e=mc2 equation the same year. So it's been a while:

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#ISC2018 –Each and every custom and ritual of Hinduism is steeped in science; every modern Indian achievement is a continuation of our ancient scientific achievement. Even Stephen Hawking said, our Vedas might have a theory superior to Einstein’s law E=MC2.

What’s your favorite E=MC2 track? 🎶

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E=MC2 = Albert EinsteinTribute to one of the greatest minds of the 20th century, born #OnThisDay  in 1879. 📰

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? Theory of E=mc2 =faster then light (the8)speed + VinoxMamba My Brains work.This is how it thinks Can u decipher it I'm curious 2cwatu got

"One of my equations seems to have started all this madness." Do you think Einstein ever regretted coming up with E=mc2? #Genius 

"E= mc2? I have never used that in my life. Whereas the bloke who invented the video recorder... I watch one a day" Karl Pilkington

What is your all-time favorite E=MC2 track?✨

That was not a selfie. That was a picture 'Of me, By me.' Big difference. #e =mc2

@Sheemstar @HeymanHustle  No one. Pauls promos are right up there with e=mc2. The guy is unbelievable.