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I kind of feel like the U.S. response to the virus has become kind of like the flotilla of small boats at Dunkirk. Lots of individual heroes bravely stepping up, but it sure would have been nice if the navy had enough boats on its own, and a better plan in the first place.

Is there a better “eye-actor” working today than Tom Hardy? Proof: Dunkirk, The Dark Knight Rises, Fury Road. (As I understand it, he shot The Dark Knight Rises and Fury Road pretty much back-to-back. He must have been wondering what was wrong with his mouth.)

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Yesterdays official high temp in MT was 68 at Jordan Airport. This mornings low was 23 at Dunkirk 19nne. #mtwx 

"I think this is our Dunkirk moment as a country. Now is the time to step up and help." via @freep 

@TuftsUniversity  President@MonacoAnthony  tells @WalterIsaacson  that “this is a Dunkirk moment for our country.” “I can’t believe I’m turning this beautiful campus into a military-style hospital, but that’s what we need to do.”

There are only two things in life that merit getting in a line that long: 1. Evacuation off the beaches at Dunkirk 2. Space Mountain

Anyway when's this Dunkirk'>Irish Dunkirk thing happening with all the cameras and planes landing in Dublin airport with all the PPE, emergency bought by an another citizen on behalf of the incompetent HSE over the last week? Is that tonight, or tomorrow or Sunday?

Christopher Nolan is known for his epic works like Interstellar, Dunkirk and The Dark Knight. We dive into his mind and find out his ideas on developing movies. How Christopher Nolan Develops Movie Concepts: #christophernolan  #script  #screenwriter 

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. think @liamcasey  flights landing Sunday, will be like Dunkirk out in the Dublin Airport


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People still congregating in busy spaces saying ‘it’s the Dunkirk sprit’, need to understand that in this scenario they’re actually being the Luftwaffe.

Some dates for you diary: Dec 24: Lost in Space s2 Dec 26: You s2 Dec 31: John Wick 3 Jan 7: Wonder Woman Jan 10: Titans s2 Jan 17: Sex Ed s2 Jan 19: Always Sunny... s14 Jan 24: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina pt3 Jan 29: Dunkirk Jan 31: Bojack s6 pt2 Feb 24: Better Call Saul s5

Dunkirk is, quite possibly, the most beautiful movie ive ever seen.

just got out of Dunkirk and it's so immersive and intensely emotional that I'm going to lie down until further notice. what a movie ??

Just watched Dunkirk for the first time! Hell of a movie! @Harry_Styles  you were fantastic mate!

From filmmaker Christopher Nolan comes the epic action thriller DUNKIRK, in cinemas July 21, 2017. #DunkirkMovie