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At 1am this morning, all the UK clocks went forward to make way for British Summer Time 2020. But here's a secret: Big Ben was a little ahead of the curve! 🤫 #ClocksForward  © UK Parliament/Mark Duffy

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Duffy shared new music with people in isolation – and it’s something beautiful:

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Area 51 Planned as the B side of North Country Boy But after the circumstances we felt this song in particular really showcased Rob’s skills - the middle bit where it all seems to take off made us think about space. If you ever meet Duffy'>Martin Duffy ask him about aliens

That’s Duffy'>Martin Duffy on the keyboards. A beautiful human being and possibly the saviour of this record and our band

a total credit to the band that we fitted all the pieces together in such a carefully constructed way. Duffy'>Martin Duffy came to visit until the record was done, Primal Scream gave us as much time as we needed to finish this incredible record that we'd started. I love them for that

Get On It. Gene Clarke meets Dylan and The Band, or at least that what we were (I was) hoping for. Duffy'>Martin Duffy plays the keys on this one I really love the lyrics. I really wanted to connect with the people. I imagined listening to it on headphones

The answer to this week’s Whose Legs competition is: Duffy'>Martin Duffy

Me and Duffy spent a lot of time making spaceships out of hub caps, taking photographs and sending them to the Fortean times. Mani might have been involved in some of these fun times too

Tom Rowlands added unmistakable loops and shaped the beginning - he wanted the count in at the beginning he thought the 10 count intro at was wild. I still sometimes forget what number I'm at when we play it live. Duffy'>Martin Duffy played Hammond and Mellotron Rob played Wurlitzer

Athleticwear company Under Armour’s stock is rated a Hold from Buy by Stifel analyst Duffy'>Jim Duffy


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Once guard Avery Bradley clears waivers today, he plans to sign a two-year, $9.7M deal with the Los Angeles Lakers, his agent Bill Duffy of @BDA_Sports  tells ESPN. Bradley will have a player option on the second season.

Just a few MoCs who have spent campaign funds at Trump properties since he took office: Sen. Gardner Sen. Inhofe Rep. Jordan Rep. Meadows Sen. Alexander Sen. Crapo Rep. Scalise Sen. Paul Sen. Blunt Rep. Duffy Sen. Tillis Sen. Cotton Sen. T Scott

Duffy'>Rachel Campos-Duffy has written a wonderful book for children, “Paloma Wants To Be Lady Freedom.” She and her husband, Sean Duffy, have done so much for our Country. Buy this book - great for the kids!

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Senator Schumer has called for an amendment vote tonight to subpoena Mulvaney, Bolton, Duffy, Blair, & White House, OMB, DoD, and State Dept documents. These are the witnesses & documents we need for this impeachment trial.

I just forced votes on 4 amendments for witnesses & documents to: Subpoena Mulvaney, Bolton, Duffy, Blair, & WH, OMB, DOD, State Dept documents Require the Chief Justice to rule on motions to subpoena documents & witnesses But Senate Republicans just kept voting for a cover-up

“This guy (Peter Strzok) was organizing a coup to undo the 2016 election.” Duffy'>Rachel Campos-Duffy@FoxNews  And he wasn’t the only one in that Administration. The greatest Witch Hunt in American history!

I forced a vote to subpoena Mulvaney, Bolton, Duffy, and Blair and White House, OMB, Department of Defense, and State Department documents. But Senate Republicans voted for a cover-up and a sham trial.

Duffy'>Shane Duffy scores two own goals & is sent off in stoppage time as Rovers suffer a third successive league defeat.