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When your jamming in your car and the beat drop 😂
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#LAY(#张艺兴) to drop 2nd solo album ‘LAY 02 SHEEP’ Oct 7💿 He took part in composing, arranging and producing the whole album✍
Meet a man who survived the atomic bomb drop on Nagasaki, Japan.
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“drop the attitude”

first of all, i didn’t have an attitude but i can pick one up real quick
This is a lie. A horrible knowing fabrication. The bill is intentionally constructed to force states to drop this protection.
This is happening. Drop what you are doing to start calling, start showing up, start descending on DC. Game on.
How about we drop the whole “boy” and “girl” scouts thing and call them what they are: Kids with knives who know how to set fires.
When does this new @adidas x Gosha stuff drop . That shit looks siiiiick
Drake would come by and just help, no strings. Future also came by to write. We all got new shit together that's gonna drop soon.
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