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Do the Baby Driver 😎 @BTS_twt
Film photos - @warrenelgort
Breaking News in Minnesota. Family pulled over and officer open fires on driver for reaching for his license.
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😳 I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! Violetta woke me up this morning telling me I was nominated for a GOLDEN GLOBE for baby driver!!! I kept asking if I was still dreaming 😭 Honestly never expected this would happen for me. Thank you HFPA and Edgar Wright and Sony pictures! Wow wow wow.
Alabama columnist: "Every single county in which blacks make up more than 75 percent of registered voters will see their driver license office closed. Every one."
Uber driver just asked me how school was, those moisturizers paying off
this uber driver is not fucking around
First-degree murder charge for driver accused of plowing into Charlottesville crowd, killing Heather Heyer
Turns out that fungus doesn't take over the ant's brain, as thought, but rather creates an internal network of fungus cells that controls the limbs. "The ant ends its life as a prisoner in its own body. Its brain is still in the driver’s seat, but the fungus has the wheel."
Just got rammed on purpose by an impatient driver who followed me onto the pavement! Thankfully I'm okay 🙏 Bike totaled. Driver kept going!
My uber driver called me 'Big Dawg' today. Guess who got 5 stars?
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