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The man who pushed his fiancé out of the way from #Charlotteville driver, attended a service for #HeatherHeyer, who was killed in the attack
Breaking News in Minnesota. Family pulled over and officer open fires on driver for reaching for his license.
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You did it! RT this tweet for a chance to win our beloved Stiles’ driver’s license:
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Uber driver just asked me how school was, those moisturizers paying off
this uber driver is not fucking around
#Barcelona latest

• 13 dead, 100+ injured
• Driver at-large
• 7 injured in #Cambrils attack
• 5 terrorists killed
A 15-year-old girl who flagged down a car for help after she was raped was raped again by the driver who pulled over
Just got rammed on purpose by an impatient driver who followed me onto the pavement! Thankfully I'm okay 🙏 Bike totaled. Driver kept going!
so i lost my passport and phil booked a car in the wrong timezone then our driver got lost and we missed the flight and slept at the airport
BREAKING: State official says driver of car that plowed into group of protesters in Charlottesville, Va., is in custody
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