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Quit calling human beings "illegal aliens". They're people. They're our friends, neighbors and co-workers. They're dreamers & lovers
Mr. President, I see you’ve had a busy morning of “Executive Time.” Instead of tweeting false smears, the American people would appreciate it if you turned off the TV and helped solve the funding crisis, protected Dreamers or...really anything else.
Dreamers paid $11.64 billion in taxes in 2016. What about the president?
250 of my Apple coworkers are #Dreamers. I stand with them. They deserve our respect as equals and a solution rooted in American values.
My message to Dreamers: We see you. We stand with you. We will fight to ensure you can stay in the country you call home.
1.) You told Dreamers they had nothing to worry about, then ended DACA.

2.) You claim to support protecting them, but you’re using them as leverage for your ridiculous wall.

3.) You rejected a bipartisan deal yesterday.

You’re fooling no one.
The GOP controls every branch of govt. I repeat: They control the WH & Congress. They've lurched from crisis to crisis for months w/o funding disaster recovery, health centers or children's health care. All while Dreamers hang in the balance. This is no way to govern.
RT if you support #DACA and #DREAMers who make our nation stronger #DefendDACA
Welcome to CA, @POTUS, where we celebrate diversity, innovation & activism. We believe in climate change, DREAMers, and healthcare for all. We understand you...don't.

When you attack our state, we harden our resolve. We'll continue to build futures, while you try to build walls.
This is for my family....My neighbors.....My friends... my culture..... My community. This..this is for the DREAMERS. ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
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