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Full duration static fire test of Crew Dragon’s launch escape system complete – SpaceX and NASA teams are now reviewing test data and working toward an in-flight demonstration of Crew Dragon’s launch escape capabilities

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Dungeons & Dragons appears to have been resurrected as if by a 17th-level necromancer. The role-playing game has made a surprising return to mainstream culture.

SpaceX executes ground-based test firing for Crew Dragon’s launch escape system

Komodo dragons can eat 80% of their body weight in one sitting. How do they do it? Find out tonight. #NaturePBS 

Hearthstone devs are happy to finally bring dragons to the Year of the Dragon by @tolkoto 

You can see how Dungeons & Dragons has permeated culture in everything from “Stranger Things” to the upcoming “Dungeons & Dragons vs. Rick and Morty”

Some Dungeons & Dragons fans are returning to the game and finding a more diverse world to slay in. “It wasn’t just all just blond, blue-eyed muscular people,” @cypheroftyr , a queer black woman, said. “The paladin looked like me.”

I just published Beyond the Observable Universe — ‘More of the Same, or Sea Monsters and Dragons?’


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Test of Crew Dragon’s upgraded launch escape system ahead of static fire and in-flight abort tests – altogether we are conducting hundreds of tests to verify the system's advanced capabilities to carry astronauts to safety in the unlikely event of an emergency

Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen. First of Her Name. The Unburnt. Queen of the Andals and the First Men. Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea. Breaker of Chains. Mother of Dragons. Thank you for an incredible 8 seasons ❤️ #GameOfThrones 

The Crew Dragon’s been on quite a ride since I last saw it—congrats to and on a successful return! We invested in the program to strengthen the U.S. space program for the long haul, and it’s great to see that happening.

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Breaker of chains. Mother of dragons. Appreciator of buckets.

I must've listened to Believer by Imagine Dragons like 400 times and somehow I still don't know the lyrics