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Dr Messonier tried to warn us all this was coming and the President came out and said the the number of cases might go down to zero.

Japan just closed schools for a month. If you're a parent with school-aged children: think for a second about how massively disruptive this would be. This is the kind of thing that Dr Messonier told Americans to prepare for and it's also totally at odds with the President's tone.

On a press call with the CDC on Monday, Dr. Nancy Messonier said to "avoid crowds in poorly ventilated spaces." I asked if she also meant New York's notoriously jam-packed subways and buses. She said that would be up to the local Dept of Health. 4/x

Almost two weeks ago Dr. Messonier said that containment would fail and inevitably the virus would spread and we should all prepare for that and prepare for signficant disruption. That was both right on the facts and the messaging. But the admin has basically shut her down.

It's understandable that policymakers are reticent to do things like this! But the whole point of Dr. Messonier's message two weeks ago was: containment in the US would fail, the virus would start to transmit, and large-scale mitigation was inevitable at some point.

Americans should prepare for #coronavirus  to spread in US and cause major disruption, @CDCgov  warns. It’s not a question of if but when, Dr. Nancy Messonier says. “We are asking the American public to prepare for the expectation that this might be bad.”

"The outbreaks in New York are being fueled by misinformation that is leading people to not get vaccinated," Dr. Nancy Messonier, a CDC vaccine expert, tells . "Under-vaccination in these communities is clearly what's driving these outbreaks."

Detailed report of examination of cases of polio-like and s #AFMpercharged  response. Great transparency of data and the challenges. With Dr. Nancy Messonier on the case, expect meticulous science.