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Dow Jones down 500 points - market is now negative for 2018.
rise in Dow Jones average from Inauguration to Oct 11 of second year in office:
Trump 26%
Obama 38%
BREAKING: Trump inauguration spending under criminal investigation by federal prosecutors; probe partly arises out of materials seized in investigation of Michael Cohen - Dow Jones
rise in Dow Jones Industrial Average from presidential inauguration to first market day of April the following year:
--Obama: 37%
--Trump: 19%
Breaking News EU agrees to cut tariffs and import more soybeans: talking heads still spouting yesterday's guessing game. Meanwhile the Dow Jones Industrial Average is surging.
Maybe Trump's approach is working?
for the record, Dow Jones average more than doubled under Obama and rose more, in percentage terms during his first 11 months as president than during Trump’s
increase in Dow Jones Industrial Average from president's Inauguration Day to Feb 5 of following year:
--Trump 22.7%
--Obama 38.5%
Dow Jones Industrial Average is down 1,111 points, or 4.4%, since Congress passed tax cut last December
BREAKING: Stocks sink again, continuing a dismal streak for markets; Dow Jones Industrial Average drops 500 points.
BREAKING: Trump secures concessions from EU to avoid trade war; EU agrees to import more soybeans, lower industrial tariffs, work more on LNG exports - Dow Jones

Dow spikes to session high after the DJ report.
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