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On #Mediabuzz  11 ET @guypbenson  @bevhallberg  @cptime  on Trump, Israel & Tlaib; press blaming POTUS for Dow dive; Jeffrey Epstein conspiracy theories, and the media linking Biden gaffes to his age

Another example: The Dow Jones Asset Management Index ($DJUSAG) - with stocks and bonds at record high prices, it’s down 18% year to date. And if BlackRock weren’t in this index it would be headed toward zero. This industry is in recession, firing people every week.

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Weekend indices update: #DAX  11598 +0.19% #DOW  25954 +0.14% #FTSE  7139 +0.14% #HANGSENG  25753 +0.06% #IGWeekendMarkets 

Shares of Silicon Valley's biggest companies fell sharply on Wednesday as the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed out its worst day yet of 2019.

Weekend indices update: #DAX  11592 +0.15% #DOW  25953 +0.14% #FTSE  7140 +0.15% #HANGSENG  25753 +0.06% #IGWeekendMarkets 

King County executive Dow Constantine happens to also be a lifelong music fanatic. In this week's Now & Then, he reminisces about seeing the Rolling Stones in 1981.

But the Dow still ended down 1.5% for the week.


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if you like to keep score, here's the change in Dow Jones Industrial Average from Inauguration Day to Aug 12 of their 3rd year in the White House: GHWB: +34.2% Clinton: +42.4% GWB: -11.9% Obama: +41.7% Trump: +30.1%

Dow just hit 27,000 for first time EVER!

The DOW, S&P 500, and NASDAQ all close the week at a new record high!

I am at Camp David working on many things, including Iran! We have a great Economy, Tariffs have been very helpful both with respect to the huge Dollars coming IN, & on helping to make good Trade Deals. The Dow heading to BEST June in 80 years! Stock Market BEST June in 50 years!

Since my election as President the Dow Jones is up 43% and the NASDAQ Composite almost 50%. Great news for your 401(k)s as they continue to grow. We are bringing back America faster than anyone thought possible!

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Chlorpyrifos is a chemical from Dow Chemical Company. It came from the nazis and is a nerve agent that does irreversible brain damage. It was supposed to banned this year, but trump decided to let it be used on fruits and vegetables. Dow gave trump 1 million dollars.

Best January for the DOW in over 30 years. We have, by far, the strongest economy in the world!

the Dow increased more in Obama’s first 11 months (29%) than Trump’s (24%)