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Reminder: Hillary Clinton and the DNC colluded with foreign nationals which resulted in the phony Dossier'>Steele Dossier.

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Doug Schoen sets up meeting: Meeting brings together Olga Biekova, Liz Zentos and Eric Ciaramella 😮. Olga Bielkova meets with David Kramer, adviser to Sen. John McCain. DNC, Alexandra Chalupa, Paul Manafort, Michael Isikoff, Dossier'>Steel Dossier, Carter Page, FISA Warrants.

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EXCLUSIVE: Devin Nunes tried to explain away Trump's Ukraine fixation today... by bringing up the Dossier'>Steele Dossier. “It was nutso,” said one person at the closed-door impeachment hearing.

Devin Nunes reportedly made himself look ridiculous by obsessing over the Steele Dossier in Ukraine hearing

EXCLUSIVE: Nunes tries to use Steele dossier to defend Trump during closed-door hearing

‘It was nutso’: Devin Nunes reportedly made himself look ridiculous by obsessing over the Steele Dossier in Ukraine hearing

‘It was nutso’: Devin Nunes reportedly made himself look ridiculous by obsessing over the Steele Dossier in Ukraine hearing

NEW: Nunes raised the Steeledossier in Sondland impeachment hearing, and the exchange was “awkward”


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CBS reports that in the Roger Stone indictment, data was “released during the 2016 Election to damage Hillary Clinton.” Oh really! What about the Fake and Unverified “Dossier,” a total phony conjob, that was paid for by Crooked Hillary to damage me and the Trump Campaign? What...

Wow! FBI made 11 payments to FakeDossier’s discredited author, Trump hater Christopher Steele. The Witch Hunt has been a total fraud on your President and the American people! It was brought to you by Dirty Cops, Crooked Hillary and the DNC.

So it was indeed (just proven in court papers) “last in his class” (Annapolis) John McCain that sent the Fake Dossier to the FBI and Media hoping to have it printed BEFORE the Election. He & the Dems, working together, failed (as usual). Even the Fake News refused this garbage!

Comey: -Opened Trump-Russia investigation -Put Peter “we’ll stop Trump” Strzok in charge -Allowed Dossier to be used -Leaked memos to get Special Counsel appointed -Tried to trap the President at Trump Tower meeting All while telling the President he wasn’t under investigation.

BREAKING: A high-level source tells me it was Brennan who insisted that the unverified and fake Steeledossier be included in the Intelligence Report... Brennan should be asked to testify under oath in Congress ASAP.

Now we find out that Adam Schiff was spending time together in Aspen with Glenn Simpson of GPS Fusion, who wrote the fake and discredited Dossier, even though Simpson was testifying before Schiff. John Solomon of

“You had Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party try to hide the fact that they gave money to GPS Fusion to create a Dossier which was used by their allies in the Obama Administration to convince a Court misleadingly, by all accounts, to spy on the Trump Team.” Tom Fitton, JW

Remember it was Buzzfeed that released the totally discredited “Dossier,” paid for by Crooked Hillary Clinton and the Democrats (as opposition research), on which the entire Russian probe is based! A very sad day for journalism, but a great day for our Country!

Former FBI top lawyer James Baker just admitted involvement in FISA Warrant and further admitted there were IRREGULARITIES in the way the Russia probe was handled. They relied heavily on the unverified TrumpDossier” paid for by the DNC & Clinton Campaign, & funded through a...

.: -Meets with Glenn Simpson, who hired Nellie Ohr and Chris Steele and paid for the Dossier -Doesn’t disclose the meeting -Says there’s nothing wrong REMEMBER: Schiff demanded that Nunes be investigated for meeting with administration officials. Double standard?